Buffalo Bills owners threaten to move them to Austin

We've heard this before, owners want taxpayers to fund a $1.5 Billion stadium or threaten to move their team


we've heard this song before


Yea, I'm sick of the NFLs stadium ransom garbage. An NFL team has more than enough profit to build their own stadium but they want a handout still.

The NFL is the farthest thing from a f**ing charity.

Long live the CFL. It would NEVER treat its fans, its customers, this way.



Move to Texas ...
Leaves an empty area with no team to block an expansion to Toronto
Win Win


:rofl: :joy:

Nope not with threats to move they have nowhere to go.
But crappy owners have threatened and have folded teams


I guess Toronto is back in the running for an NFL franchise then :sweat_smile::joy:.

I think the CFL should put a team in Amherst New York, which is located in Buffalo. The Bills will move somewhere like San Antonio, St. Louis or San Diego. NFL team relocate most of the time once it doesn't get what it wants from cities

The University of Buffalo stadium can fit a CFL field because the team plays inside a oval track. You definitely can fit a CFL field in there.

A Buffalo CFL team would be a natural rival for Hamilton and Toronto just like in Hockey, for Toronto, of course.

If Buffalo stays, move the franchise to Rochester or Syracuse


No, Austin has stated that they are willing to come up with the funds.
I'm sure the owners have shopped around and no one in Toronto is interested.

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Isn't Austin TX close to Dallas, meaning they will be encroaching on Cowboys territory.

Having said that it's doubtful the Bills are entertaining the move but with the recent string of them anything is possible.

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This method has really gotten old. No regard for the local fan base.

This is more and more why I just lose interest in watching NFL. Why should I be a fan of a league that treats its loyal fans like s**t?

The Raiders belong in OAKLAND, nowhere else. Now they're gone to Vegas because they can clear 150 million a year instead of 140. Disgusting.

I was so disgusted with NHL after all the kids in Winnipeg broke open their piggy banks to keep the Jets, only for that scumbag Bettman to take the team away anyways, just to lure an American TV contract that 26 years later they STILL don't have! I just have no time for that kind of crap and don't support pricks like Bettman with my patronage. Not another dime for you, crooked weasel.


The NFL is the boss of the term

200 miles Dallas to Austin, so no issues with encroachment.
Same distance as Buffalo to Pittsburgh or Buffalo to Cleveland
Or Cleveland to Detroit
Do the Giants encroach on the Jets? they play in the same stadium.

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Go for it :roll_eyes:

Dave, you know a lot about U.S. stadiums. How many CFL teams could you put in this area?

None? I don't think there are any stadiums that can fit a CFL size field.

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A) I agree with the notion an NFL can recoup cost of stadium very quickly

B) CFL teams do not make claims about this??? Since when? Calgary and Atlantic teams spring to mind as recent examples, I am sure Toronto and others could be included

Heck back in mid 80s the Montreal Alouettes even considered relocation before the team folded

Not that I would want the NFL which would wipe out the CFL 's ability to exist in the market . Looking at it from a fierce competitors perspective .

But The scale of a Toronto bid would be a LA complex style .

Throwing it out there but For that cost of a stadium it's a two team location that would require that type of investment .

It also would help with them wanting even number of teams in the NFL . You would need two groups in Canada wanting to share the costs of the stadium or two teams that want to relocate .

At least now there would be 16 home dates compared to 8 .

Buffalo and Jacksonville as the relocates .

The Canadian owners we already know one for sure .

I can understand where the owners are coming from.
The Bills stadium is just a pile of long benches where you can cram in 70,000 people.
No room for the premier club seats that fans are willing to pay a lot of money for and a huge money maker. Same with the private suites - some of the modern stadiums like in Cincinnati have 100 private suites, circles all around the stadium.
These suites sell for $20,000 a game!!
The future for the NFL and the CFL too is the club seats, private suites, the end zone patios (CFL). Sitting on a bench is no fun and teams can't charge a lot for a bench seat

Why are you putting Jax in there..they are not going anywhere