Buffalo Bills on the verge of selling out Toronto game

the Buffalo Bills are on the verge of selling out a regular season game in Toronto for the first time in the team’s five-year history in the city.

About 85 per cent of the 45,000 seats in the Rogers Centre have been sold for the Dec. 16 game against the Seattle Seahawks with a week to go.

Field level seats are all but sold out, he said, after being reduced to $85 from last year’s $170.
[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/buffalo-bills-on-the-verge-of-selling-out-toronto-game-for-the-first-time/article6085097/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le6085097/[/url]

Sorry, I don't "Billieve" that article for one moment..... They very well may have those number of seat claimed, but Im sure half those were complementary in specially marked cases of coors light! :roll:

they lowered capacity over 8,000 seats to acheive this 'sell-out'.
they also gave thousands of tickets away through radio contests, charities and corporate partners.
we will have to see if there are entire sections seating marching bands and military personal again. :lol:

the same man claiming tickets to be at 85% sold also said this: “We’ve never sold out, we’ve always been been a few shy."

a few shy? hahaha . take the 85% SOLD with a grain of salt. perhaps 85% given away is more likely.

This article is comleteley and utterly FALSE, Seating compacity for Football is over 53,000 (Grey Cup,53,208) was a Sell Out.
The Bills have lowered this to under 45,000 to lift the Black-Out. I heard as of yesterday that only 28,000 have been officially sold the others are freebees to get the attendance over 80% to lift the Black-Out !! That would be pretty embarrassing if they blacked out the game with the seating capacity at only 45,000 ! :lol:

NFL blackout policy

In the NFL, any broadcaster that has a signal that hits any area within a 75 miles (121 km) radius of an NFL stadium may only broadcast a game if that game is a road game (also known as an away game), or if the game sells out 72 hours or more before the start time for the game

So, 80% of 45,000 is only 36,000 and there having trouble lifting the black-out :roll:

In addition, this post has nothing to do with the Tiger-Cats, or the Canadian Football League. So why is it a topic :?

So let’s see…

Cut the ticket price in half, give bunches away, reduce the stadium size by thousands, and then announce that the game is “almost” a sellout.

Yep, sure looks like proof positive that the Bills will be pulling up stakes and moving to Toronto any day now.

YA, There is only one No Fun League Game in Canada a year, so this is like Canadas Super Bore !! And there having trouble lifting the Black-Out. Too Funny :smiley:

Have to agree totally. The Bills are a joke anyway.

I think one of the bigger problems with the Bills in TO series has been the teams they've played. They haven't really had what you'd call a marquee opponent in any of the games played at the SkyDome. Miami, New York Jets, Chicago, Washington and Seattle are not exactly what you'd call great opponents. The two highest-profile teams the Bills have played were both preseason opponents (Pittsburgh in 2008, Indianapolis in 2010). If those games were regular season ones, I'd think tickets sales would have been better. There are a lot of Steeler fans everywhere and Peyton Manning would have moved the needle enough to get a casual fan to maybe plunk down the dollars to see him. If they played the Patriots or the Cowboys, I think you'd see a higher number of tickets sold as well. But no one is going to pay good money to watch the Redskins or the Seahawks.

Another problem is, the Bills just stink. If the Bills were a good team, then people would be more excited about them and would pay to see them. It's no different than the Jays or Raptors. When those teams are good, people head to the games. Toronto just isn't a good sports town. They like the Leafs and that's about it.

The Bills being out of the playoffs and playing second- and third-tier opponents are two of the main reasons this whole Bills in Toronto series has been a bust (and anyone saying it hasn't been a bust is delusional).

Yup. you can add Rogers and MLSE is the same boat :lol: Thats just my opinion :wink:

.....On the verge of making Rogers look like a bunch of walking lollipops, more like...How can anyone take this tilt between two 'not-so-great' nfl teams, as even light entertainment is beyond me...The effort of ' over-hype them and they will come' doesn't seem to be working all that well....Claiming 'sell-out' all the while giving away high-priced tickets is an advertisement in itself...One of failure to be a straight-up marketable product...Quite laughable really :lol:

And to think mikem had me almost believing that every previous game sold out with legitimate tickets. Almost.

I don't care either way .. if it was 2 teams people want to see then tickets would be sold ..


I'll give that article way more credibility than anyone on this board who just bashes anything toronto that doesn't really know ...

Smallest stadium of any NFL team at a 53,000 and this still isn't sold out? If that's a measure of success, I'd hate to see what failure is all about?

53,000 ??? try 45,000 !!!! They have made capacity smaller to lift the black-out !!

22,000 :wink:

oh i’m sorry thats the cats attendance … so thats a win then huh

You cant compare it to that, the bills game is once a year in Canada, this is suppost to be Canada's Super Bore, try comparing it to the Grey Cup, then we can talk :cowboy:

There having trouble getting 80% of 45,000 sold, you do the math = 36,000

so your going to compare a " WHO CARES " NFL game to a grey cup ? uh OK !!!

Wanna compare your GREY CUP to ANY NFL game in states ? we could tilt it that way too !!!


Sure, Grey Cup ticket prices are Quadruble any nfl game, and Chris Rudge said if they had the room they could have sold 80,000 !!!

Your turn :cowboy:

Well, that was easy !! :slight_smile: