Buffalo Bills moving to TOronto

Torontonians discuss: most seem oblivious to the qualities of the CFL. I am called LeafsArgos.

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and I am ArealCanadian :twisted:


I am not a member of that site so those of you that are please go back and deliver a message for me. I don't care WHO was on fan 590 or any other station for that matter. I used to be a Bills fan for many years and I can tell you that they have had worse problems in their history.

And....If they EVER left Buffalo (and it wouldn't happen) then the fans would....

FISRT: Burn down the city of Buffalo and...

SECOND: Burn down ANY city that took them!


.....sounds like someone is trying to buffalo the CFL.....ain't gonna happen...Argos are'nt going anywhere anytime soon....so dream on nfl.... :lol: :wink:

Typed in a general search on the 'net for anything regarding this issue and I found nothing.

IMHO, I don't think the NFL is the one that's having this wet dream; it's the TO media...With the pre/post game shows on the networks all trying to outdo themselves, I'm pretty sure this would've been reported on-REPEATEDLY!! Not to mention, it would've been talked to death on the radio sports shows. I've heard nothing about this myself...until now.

Southern Ontario is served well by the Bills, Lions and Browns. There's no real reason to locate here. If they wanted to get into ANY Canadian market then they'd try Montreal to get French Canadian viewership.

Toronto people, a lot of them not all of course, are so full of themselves they make me both puke and laugh, they think that every league owes them a team if they want it. I hope Toronto never gets an NFL team, period, just to make these egomaniacs cry in their pillows at night.

" While the Buffalo Bills won a decisive home-town victory Sunday, the team's owner is not very optimistic about the long-term future. News 4's Barbara Pinson reports Ralph Wilson is looking beyond the scoreboard to the bottom line.

It's a small-market team in a financially troubled community.

Case in point: the Buffalo Bills haven't sold out the last three of their home games, not even the one against the division-rival Miami Dolphins.

Shawn O'Rourke of Canisius College said, "It's a large, large stadium to fill up, and it's that time of year when people probably looked around and said, 'I'm spending some money on Christmas gifts.' "

The business community didn't buy the excess tickets either, and neither did Ralph Wilson, as he has in the past.

Wilson said, "I've run myself ragged trying to help Buffalo stay alive."

The Bills owner reiterated his lack of faith in the NFL and its new collective bargaining agreement. That's because team owners have yet to decide how much money each team will get through revenue sharing.

Shawn O'Rourke, who teaches sports administration at Canisius College explains revenue sharing.

O'Rourke said, "Basically, national television revenue and tickets get split evenly among all the teams. ... Where the Buffalo Bills get hurt is they compare themselves to, say, the New York teams, where the New York teams can sell their sky boxes for for $250,000 a box. They get to keep all that money."

But the Bills miss out on that extra cash, because the luxury boxes here aren't selling for premium rates.

So, those fighting for the survival of the small-market teams want a piece of the luxury box pie from the larger markets, too.

It's a fight that Ralph Wilson is, so far, not winning.

Wilson said, "The way it's run now, in the present CBA... It's gonna be a long, tough fight."

And that's especially true as big-market teams continue to increase their revenue, because that increases the salary cap.

And Ralph Wilson says it's getting a lot tougher for Buffalo to keep up."


And everyone thinks that the NFL is squeaky, perfect in all respects. Not so it seems.

I can't wait to see the Bills move to LA.

but then all of toronto would have to be put on suicide watch

What bugs me are Canadians who for whatever reason, maybe they are jealous or think the CFL is blocking the NFL coming to Toronto, want to see the CFL go under. I mean myself, I'm not a baseball fan or Blue Jay fan at all but since it is a Canadian team I don't want them to go under really. They do add to our economy and that even if I can't stand baseball or their president Godfrey.

Anyone who wants something Canadian that is a decent Canadian thing, whatever it is, really shouldn't hope that whatever it is goes belly up. Then you aren't a true Canadian IMO.

What a joke that thread is. Mexico City will get an NFL team 10 times sooner than Toronto , because the NFL knows they would actually fill up the games unlike TO . But of course LA is ahead of Mexico City too.

Some pretty pathetic posters over there , having wet dreams over a PRE-SEASON NFL game , What a joke! :lol:

LeafsArgos, I joined it this morning, I'm J5V, posted a few things.

This will never, ever happen! The Bills may relocate, but it WON'T be to LA-that's too big of a market for the NFL owners to allow it to be occupied by a current team; they know that someone will pay the expansion fees for a new team there.

I am sorry , but many LEAF FANS BELIEVE THAT THIS IS THEIR YEAR to win the CUP , AGAIN? It is hard to take them seriously. :wink:

Tell them about the NEW T.V. that the CFL just got with TSN and that THE ARGOS still have over 10 years left on their contract at the R.C.

The BILLS owner has played this card 2 times before already and people at THE FAN believe it every time. :lol:

EXCELLENT. :thup: Every bit helps get the message out that...

  1. The NFL is never coming to Toronto. :thup:

  2. The CFL with it's new contract is alive and well. :thup:

  3. I will join as well.

Don't under estimate the power of writing on message boards and/or writing to the media about the lack of CFL coverage. :thup:

The TORONTO media is still living in the early 1990's , are slow and/or in denial about the rise of the CFL in CANADA. :thdn:

They are starting it figure it out because of their own polls , but pointing out to them some of the articles posted here as proof has great impact over time. :thup:

It is just that more than 1 person has to do it to be affective. :thup:

Trust me , because of some of the posters here writing the media ect...we have had some great results , so far :thup:

The Bills should have some allies when it comes to revenue sharing. With 32 teams, there are going to be some in small markets. I believe one of the small market teams will end up being sold to LA, and there probably won't be any other moves. NFL owners get the majority of their money from tv revenues, so it's doubtful they will expand and divide the pot even further. Teams that haven't already done so will use the relocation threat to get new stadiums and other concessions, and the NFL will probably stay basically the same as it is now.

c-way, that would be true if the US was already saturated with teams, but there are smaller markets than LA that are looking-San Antonio and Oklahoma City come to mind-so the LA question will continue to only have one answer: EXPANSION! Remember, once the NFL gets a team in LA, they will then be able to justify a rate increase to the networks-after all, we (NFL) just added a metro area of 12M people; it's only fair that we get more money for the package...they don't think in terms of getting a smaller slice of the pie; they think they'll just bake a bigger pie-and with football's ever-increasing popularity in the States, that's a fairly realistic thought.