Buffalo Bills Game in Toronto

I watched a good part of the Buffalo Chicago game today and found it worth the watch. For a few moments it appeared the Bills might win one. It appeared that the Rogers Center was sold out- watching it on TV. Was it sold out or were there plenty of free bees there? There was plenty of newspaper reviews yesterday covering the game. Can someone provide me with the reality of the attendance issue. Is Rogers making/ losing money on this situation?

There were empty seats through out the upper deck,it wasn,t sold out !

On the ticats.ca forum site people who were going say they got freebies through people connected with companies that were given freebies by Rogers as a scratch your back scratch mine sort of thing with business between the 2 companies. Rogers was desperate to get people in so as not to look embarrased on American TV. I would venture that at best only around 30-35 seats were actually sold at face value but just guessing. Lots of press on how quiet the game was inside and that was an advantage to Chicago and didn't feel like a home game for the Bills. Also saying if this game was in Buffalo because of the deadness of the crowd, the Bills probably would have won. A shame but money talks, Bills making money on this series and Rogers, well, that's a different story from what I've heard.

I heard from a good source how around 25,000 freebies were given away by Rogers, TSN etc and better then this is again, Rogers lost upwards of $10M on this fiasco.
I keep saying good on them.