Buffalo at NY Jets Game Thread- Monday September 11, 2023

Well the unbelievable happened tonight in East Rutherford, NJ.

And the Jets have something to build on even with Wilson though like Peyton Manning stated, he wants to reassess his 12-5 prediction and wildcard spot in the playoffs.

And wow Buffalo is yet another team, and one of my five picks that went awful in a tough week but early slate, that has so much more work to do than anybody knew.

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Here’s the thing on that no-call of the trip. Watch it in real-time too as opposed to slow motion, for in slow-motion it looks far more incriminating for the Jets player.

To me in real-time the trip looks incidental in the run of play, and then one wonders is the player on the coverage team running into the player falling with his leg sticking out or the other way around?

The play was not reviewed, and there was no call. In this case if the penalty were called, might the call have stood due to lack of evidence to overturn?

The NFL Rule Book is rather blunt on the matter and does not address the intent of a player tripping another player along with other hits that are personal fouls:

Of course there is some other part of officiating that does not make calls on contact that is deemed incidental contact.

After reviewing the play in real time not slow motion, to me a penalty would have been a quite marginal call at best.

At that point of a game, akin to calling pass interference in the end zone on a “Hail Mary” play, it’s not going to happen unless far clearer.

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I don’t believe you again here. You could alternatively make picks on games without participating in the contest.

didnt make a pick or prediction, just as a Bills fan I was worried about this game and did not feel confident even after Aaron left the game.

well, that did happen, sort of.

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Only one NFL QB has had success over the age of 40 ~ that of course being Tom Brady. Even the mighty Tom was semi-ineffective at age 45 (final year) and gave himself up to permanent retirement.
Rodgers was shifting teams at 39, and most of his career has been able to elude more than the odd dent and tire pressure debacle. Now this!

At 6’2", prolly 235, Rodgers is a tad more mobile than Tom Brady but who know how much this injury will slow him down? He’ll get paid almost as much for not playing as for playing so what’s in it for Aaron? Heal up - keep playing!
Brady proved it could be done past 40, to a certain extent so did Warren Moon.
But the Joes, Namath & Montana were pretty much vegetables when they hit 38.


Rodgers out for the season!

Maybe a spot opens up for Nathan Rourke! :crossed_fingers:
They could claim him right away

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And so much for the #1 contender to dethrone your Chiefs.


Don’t think so, they have Zach Wilson. Nathan is an unproven NFL rookie.

So Nathan couldn’t be #2?

They’ll bring in a veteran…not a #3…probably flacco again…

There are a couple of other veteran QB’s out there unsigned right now along with Flacco.

Wentz and Foles are two of them.


thanks, sorry for the delay, I did’nt see your asnwer in that moment!!

lol my mother just called and she’s pissed off with my dad. they are ridiculous NFL fans and have to watch in separate rooms and she has to keep turning it off because her blood pressure goes up when she watches. then she goes and bugs my dad and he told her if she has a stroke he’s not taking her to the hospital til after the game :joy: I think they’re having another food fight.

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So, typical hard core sports fans

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