Buf vs Det instead of Riders Montreal

What a joke. TSN should skip the stupid hockey game. Who cares about Buffalo and Detroit. I knew this would happen!

Instead of CFL TSN is stuffing Buffalo and Detroit down my throat. Pathetic.

People whine about this all the time. They won’t cut away, just like they won’t cut away if a football game runs long.

S.uck it up and get over it already.

110% agree.

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Maybe before the Grey Cup they'll have a game between Carolina and Phoenix and we can watch that instead.

Its not a surprise, since they committed to showing this game in its entirety. Its a matter of the NHL having the bigger $$$ to give to TSN than the CFL does. If the Riders play like they did in Montreal, I wouldnt mind seeing an NHL doubleheader on TSN.... :lol:

jm02 it's people like you that just s.uck it up that never provoke change. So keep su.cking it up.

Somebody at TSN is lucky I dont live nearby, grr. They have no business scheduling a hockey game 2 1/2 hrs before football. No excuse whatsoever. Somebody should be fired, to say the least.

Two weeks in a row. Hockey over football.

I understand they won't turn away from a game in progress, and I can respect that.

What pisses me off though is that TSN schedules only 2.5 hours from the start of the hockey to the start of the football game. Talk about a real brainiac in charge of programming for doing that.

And now 2 weeks in a row they have messed up the start of Friday Night Football.

Last week I could cut them some slack as at least it was a Canadian team playing. But this week, two American teams playing... just makes me want to puke.

I sure hope the CFL drops TSN on it's heiney when the contract is due, even if another station is paying a little less. I'm sick of the American Wannabe attitude of TSN.

I suggest a boycott by CFL fans (and a writing campaign) of the advertisers for this hockey game. E-mail the companies saying that you and your fellow CFL fans are boycotting them whiel they advertise on this hockey and TSN will learn fast!

There's a reason why Friday Night Football is their top rated program ... They just have to learn it the hard way.

Of course it has to go into a shoot out.

to add insult to injury, even the detroit wings fans skipped out due to baseball.

I seriously don't see the big deal. We missed two series. Whoop-de-doo.

And EE - I pick my battles. To me, this is hugely insignificant.

you wouldnt see them scheduling hockey 3 hrs after the beginning of a grey cup or playoff CFL game, of NFL game. They wouldnt dare.

What is with this firing fetish you seem to have?

I dont like seeing people get away with not doing their jobs right, and just like with criminals, I dont like simple slap on the wrist responses.

Oh please!
You are comparing this to criminals!
Seem to me you just don't like not getting your way!

I am comparing the reaction to people not doing their jobs right and getting away with it to criminals not getting the sentencing they deserve. I am not comparing anything to criminals themselve. Get it right will ya. sheesh. I dont see how anything has to do with getting something my way, unless you consider my way as being the right way and I dont accept wrong way.

That is where you compared it to criminals

I am sorry. I dont want to get into a war of semantics with you. I think you know very well that I am not comparing people who dont do their jobs right with criminals, but I dont want to argue about it. I just want TSN to do right by us UNITED football fans.

Last night, I was all worked up to write a strongly worded letter to TSN on the audacity of them thinking that they could schedule a game like that..... now, after I've cooled off, I'm a bit more indifferent to it. I still think it s.ucks tho.

And to compound the error, a game that was over at nearly 11 pm my time, was supposed to have ended at 10:30... do they really think 3 hours is long enough? They go over that all the time, especially when both teams have a guy fake an injury for 10 minutes at different points in the game.

I remember 2 or 3 years back TSN had a Blue Jays game going longer than scheduled, and was overlapping a Labor Day Classic game. What they did was let the ball game finish, but delayed the start of the football game by an hour or so. It wasn't live, but at least you saw the entire game. I remember being anxious, knowing our game had already started. But I'd have been crazy mad if they would have just cut in during the second quarter.

I don't see a problem with doing this all the time. Shorten up Sportcenter to make up the lost time.