Budwieser stubby comeback

Would love to see all or most Canadian breweries go back to the stubby which I simply love the look compared with the high neck bottle.

The limited-edition beer will be brewed by Budweiser’s own veterans, whose signatures will be displayed prominently on each of the vintage stubby bottles


Always liked the stubby and where did the quarts go ?

What I don’t like about how we are forced to buy beer is the fact that we pay higher for premium blends but not less for the light brands. Rip off !

Apparently beer stays fresher in cans longer than bottles which is why many premium beers are moving more and more to cans. Also regardless of whether your beer originally is purchased in a can, long neck or stubby bottle for best overall flavour you should be pouring it into a glass before drinking.

The number one, for reals, no-joking-around reason to pour your beer in a glass is aroma. Aroma plays a huge role in how we perceive flavor, as we all know from the experience of eating while nursing a head cold — the food tastes super bland, right?! Drinking beer straight from a bottle or a can is essentially cutting off your sense of smell and changes the way the beer tastes quite significantly.

Forgot about the Quart bottle. Thanks for the flash back Dan.

Yes, I’ve heard that although I wonder how many cans end up in landfills compared with bottles even with both earning a return price.

I’m a beer drinker and I like my beer cold ! I used to drink cans almost exclusively but then went back to bottles years ago and now I can taste a metal taste off the cans. Never did before…Also, because I like my beer cold I often have to pour it into a glass with some ice cubes to get the temp I want. Now I know some are gonna say that the ice waters down the beer and makes it taste different but i can honestly say that the beer is never in the glass long enough to get watered down and it always tastes good. I now drink out of a glass most of the time.

As I got older i found that I like beer that I don’t have to fight to drink. I tried all those ales and ports and bocks and specialty beer but i found the easiest and smoothest beer is Miller Genuine Draft. It’s been in the liquor/beer/cannabis store in Nova Scotia for a while now. Oh yeah, you can buy pot at the liquour/beer/cannabis store down here. WOOHOO !

Dan, you have to head to Quebec.
It’s available at the grocery store where I live.