So, Im fairly Sure ALOT of people, have there choice in witch we drink. I don't nodice the difference betwene any of them. They all taste waterd down when I get them. So What im saying is Lets drop the beer snobery! go to the game! have a few and Watch the cats dominate the argos CHEERS!!

It's too expensive to drink at the game, so my vote is none of the above.

That, and most Labatts beers taste like dishwater.

After 4 they all taste the same.

I do prefer Molson products though so i am happy.

....I'm hoping they bring in Rickards Red, A fine Molson product that far surpasses "Canadian" on the taste scale.


SWEET my first pole is working !:slight_smile: i should put in dah ill Predrink and sneek in vodca!! hahaha

Molson XXX or Heineken

well i would normally have a couple lakeport honeys before the game, but now it seems like labbats will be canning (getting rid of not putting it into cans) my favourite cheap beer…and beer at the game is way to expensive to buy…at least more than one, but if i had to have a choice out of the four i would say Canadian…because “It’s a Canadian Game” (or is that what they say on the hockey commercials?)

That, and most Labatts beers taste like dishwater

I'm offended jerk, well my Dad is in his grave, he gave 36 years of his life to Labatt's and knowing him if he heard you say this, he'd come out of the grave and beat you over the head. :wink:

I guess I've drank a lot of dishwater over the years, maybe that's why I'm perfectly squeaky clean. I should have been a priest, darn it. :wink:

Keith's or Guinness.


crap vs pee vs yuck vs alcoholic water.

Phew... tough choices


canadian hands down

coors is so watery

Don't care, as long as it's cold!!!

I think I read somewhere that Coors lite is the no.1 selling beer in the world, but not in Canada. To me popular beers have become sort of like McDonald's food; it all tastes the same and doesn't want to offend anyone.