...even though you have now been permanently banned I do hope you can still read this: the disgusting post you left in the main forum was moved and saved for investigation to the moderator site, MRX will be notified of it and urged to contact authourities regarding it's creation, hopefully leading to a special visit from police...

you are a sick and disturbed individual and I hope you get help before you hurt someone

Hey Red, that picture has been posted in a few threads, was wondering if you can get rid of them please!

Thank you!

Its still on the , blessing in disguise thread !

...others deleted now, MRX notified and hopefully turn this matter over to police

Thanks Red! That guy sure is messed up!!! I have never seen anything like that on a forum like this!

......This guy has crossed numerous lines of civility....He's nothing but a troll with a huge problem...Nice to see him gone :thup:

I don't want specific details, but curiosity rears its ugly head. What did this guy do?

A post in the CFL forum indicates he posted a pretty obscene picture in a number of threads. It's mentioned in the thread called Foe List about halfway down the first page of the CFL forum.

In a number of threads too?
Why would he do something so stupid? :?

He's gone, so at least some good came out of it.

Thanks mods for your action