Bucks the starter

....according to LaPolice in a recent release.....Buck Pierce is officially the no 1 qb. in the Peg.....(Really was there any doubt :lol: )
Jyles will be a solid no 2 and Brink in the wings.....I like what we have going this season at pivot....Now IF everyone can stay healthy... :rockin: :rockin:

No surprise (unless you're killer, who predicted that Jyles would be the starter).

.....yes killer was 'speculating' about a scenario which was speculative at best :lol: ...Maybe Jyles will get his shot....for now, we'll watch Buck add to his many starting assignments.....AND NOW before anyone else says it.....How many will he finish??????? Maybe the killer knows... :lol:

LOL...he's a good speculator...he doesn't let being wrong stop him from trying again... :lol:

Well don't be too hard on the kid. . .we've all made predictions that turned out to be wrong I'm sure. . . I know I have made more than a few in my days. . .

Ah heck no...actually I admire his enthusiasm...

I am envious..... If Buck can stay healthy, you guys are in for a treat. Papa, if you guys knock off Montreal in the Playoffs and Ride Buck to the Grey Cup as the Eastern Representative.....measure me up for a Bomber Jersey...... I was always a Buck fan in BC!

...nice to see ya back sport.....I always liked the guy when he had the leo uniform on....Very talented....He gives us instant credibility...His 'aggressive' play is exactly what i like in a qb.....However it does have its downside...and we won't go there....You could be right about a 'better finish' this season with Pierce....i know we'll give the Als. and Cats a good run :wink:

Did he actually make a prediction or just say he had a bad feeling it would happen?

He truly did. In the thread "adarius bowman", at 16:06 on 20 June 2010:

"im gonna go out on a limb and say jyles is the starter week 1."

Brink definitely has the tools to be a starter in the near future. Hamilton might be kicking themselves down the road for letting him go.

il admit im really surprised about ad… i think he was a little better at this poitn, but brink was also reall good… give him some time to learn the game and then maybe who knows… strikes me as the kind of kid that could turn into a ricky ray

It's kind of nice to be lamenting over who we thought should have been kept for 3 string. Nice to have riches that deep at qb for a change. Either one of DiMichelle or Brink could be/have been the future starter for this team.

I like both of them. Best of luck to AD if he doesn't stick around on a PR spot.

I agree. Seems surreal in a way to have a "QB contraversy" over who is the 3rd stringer.


Most players just come and go but every so often there is one you really want to see succeed. For me, AD is one of them.