Bucks Injury

Doesn't sound to promising:

• First, a Bomber update. A CFL source said Saturday the whispers are that quarterback Buck Pierce will miss “a few weeks? due to his knee injury sustained on Friday night in Hamilton. This is not confirmed, of course. The next Bomber media availability is Sunday, so there should be an update then. Check back here at 1:45 p.m. on Sunday for the official word.
And I love this one:
• According to former Bomber PR man Arash Madani, now a Sportsnet reporter, an anonymous senior CFL official was upset that the Glenn fumble call didn’t get overturned. “I’m pissed. We pay (people) to make decisions … I felt that one was straightforward.?
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.....i'm still fuming about that bloody call.....You know it was tough enough playing with a depleted secondary and d linemen, without having to also play the refs....Some of the calls were very 'skeptical'...I don't usually like to 'rag' on the refs.....we DID NOT play well....BUT that fumble by Glenn was a very important NON-CALL at that point in the game...especially when it went under review....It's embarrassing to the league to have that kind of inept b.s. foisted up on us....I think someone was very incompetent, to say the least....AND somebody should be reprimanded for that bullcrap call....

....NOW ///on to Buck.....I'm hearing it's a mcl 'strain'...Could keep Pierce on the shelf for awhile....I think we'll see Jyles next game for sure...aaaaaand we may get to see Brink in action.....We're going to find out just what Jyles has got and how much talent he does bring....Also a good measuring stick on LaPo's judge of talent ,in that our new coach was ,at one time, prepared to put all of his 2010 qb. eggs, all in Jyles basket....I think we may get to see a full game out of our no 2. shortly :wink: :roll:

Jyles could be OK if he takes the time to look around before taking off. Might want to put ice in his shoes to cool off his happy feet. He locks on a reciever and if that ain't there he's gone but sometimes for not too far. I hope he does well.

Sucks for Buck.

Indeed. You never wish injury on any player, let alone a good guy who's struggled so much with injury over the past few years.

This sounds much more optimistic:


July 18, 2010

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers received some positive news today – considering early diagnosis in Hamilton – that quarterback Buck Pierce will miss limited action with a right knee injury. The quarterback was hurt later in the third quarter in Friday’s loss in Hamilton. Following the play, Pierce came to the sideline and met with Head Athletic Therapist Al Couture and the team doctor, who told Pierce to take a seat for the remainder of the game.

“It was tough because I wanted to get back in there and help us turn the game around,? said Pierce.

“The knee was sore after the game and in the morning, but I am relieved because it could’ve been worse. I’m looking forward to getting back out there as soon as possible.?

Quarterback Steven Jyles will start this week against the Edmonton Eskimos.

“You never want to see a player go down and Buck’s done a great job for us so far this season. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to come in and get us back into the win column,? Jyles said.

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sprained. which pretty much means day to day. he will probably dress saturday as the 3rd string if all else fails option.