Buck's gonna be a radio star!

CJOB announced tonight that Buck Pierce is getting his own radio show. It will apparently be on Tuesday evenings at 7:05 p.m. starting in June.

...Does he sing... :lol: ...I like it ..the more he and the Bombers get exposure the better...I'm looking forward to his take on how things go on the club and in the league...annnnnnnd I wonder, does Doug Brown now see him as a celebrity threat :lol:

I was thinking more along the lines that the other players might be able to play the two against each other and get some actual perks for being guests. :wink:

knowing the history of winnipeg’s call in crowd i hope that they limit that segment…

That crowd was instrumental in outing a maniac...

That doesn't make that crowd any less moronic.

good luck Buck, its great to see him finding a home in Winnipeg.
I smell a HUGE year for him coming up.
Such a solid guy and there is only one issue in his way. I think and hope its behind him and if it is the Bomber fans will have the MVP to watch all year IMO.

Okay, who stole Flag's user name and what have they done with him :wink:

When or where have I ragged on the Bombers in a non justifiable manner if at all?. You guys and your negative whining for sure are crazy making and someone had to yell at the vultures and complainers. At the drop of a hat most of you guys were lookin’ for a tree and a rope. I doubt that has changed. My opinion is consistent.


Had to :lol:

Missed the (wink) did you? That usually means someone is pulling your leg. You'd have gotten the boot long ago from here if we thought otherwise.

Nice post about Pierce btw, the guy has had a rough time and can use all the support he can get.

Glad to hear's Buck's going to be a radio star, because he'll probably play less than 4 games for us before he's out for the season.

wow tough guy behind a keyboard.... always with the smart ass lil comments eh man... fact is you dont have the spaldings to say that to his face unless ofcourse you've had what.. 10 beers? yeah probably so why say it behind a monitor and assumed identity? tough guy for sure.. look at you.. always mr happy and cheerful.. are u married? probably divorced eh.. cuz no doubt no woman would want some dude with such a crap outlook on everything.. you ever say or contribute anything positive or just sit behind your monitor and talk garbage about players busting their ass for your entertainment. DUMB ASS.

And this comes from the same poster who repeatedly states that a particular player (Jyles, in the thread Jyles to Argos for 2 pics") is, and I quote, "dumb."

Pot, meet kettle :smiley:

jyles is dumb tho. plus he's not a blue bomber anymore :wink: i said it b4, ill say it again, i never liked steven jyles.. NEVER. didnt like when they signed him, didnt like when they signed buck and jyles sulked, didnt like when jyles got hurt, packed up his locker and left.. Its one thing to call a football player who you dislike dumb, has jyles proven that he is a smart qb? i mean really...

pot meet kettle? well... guess what my kettle is green.

Having a negative opinion of Jyles is OK, as long as you tolerate other people having their own opinions. But if you complain about other people talking garbage about players, don't do it yourself. Simple.

I don't get the green kettle, however. Did you carve it out of a watermelon? Or is it just moldy?

.....maybe that's where he stashes his dough .. i dunno...It;s a headscratcher....I hope you're not referring somehow to the riders :thdn: ...I would hope your kettle is blue :roll: :lol:(and gold)