He's been really impressive as a rookie.

Playing with a lot of poise. Has been beat and been out of position at times but he is a rookie and still learning.

I have been extremely impressed with Bucknor. He has gotten better every week. Last week, it was the picture perfect coverage on Geroy Simon; this week, he nearly had two interceptions (I think) and played well when forced to play safety because of the injury to Carlos Thomas. He makes mistakes, sure, but he has played very well in his first three professional games.

Reminds me of the way we were impressed with Hinds when he was thrown into the starting line-up due to injuries.

Do we start both of them soon?

What do you guys think the secondary would look like with both Hinds and Bucknor starting?

Move Bucknor over to safety and have Hinds start at the wide side corner so it looks like this?

Hinds Smith Bucknor Thomas Tisdale

With Rwabukamba backing up Hinds and Jonathon Hood backing up Bucknor?

I think it's something they'll look at next year when we get Courtney Stephen. Hood has been in the league a few years now and hasn't really played any significant time on defense so it's probably too risky to have him as a primary backup.

It all depends who they like better, Dee Webb or Bo Smith.. If they like Bo better than Bucknor can and will play safety(actually his natural position in college) or if they like Webb better than Bucknor plays at corner(where he has played so far).

The good thing is we have players like Tisdale, Thomas, and Bucknor who can play multiple positions.. Tisdale played halfback and corner for us before. Carlos Thomas can play any position in the secondary, having played corner in college and as a pro, he played some safety last year with us and all training camp before he went down, and we already know he can play the halfback position. So the line up could look several different ways and still work well but your idea works best for the substitution options we have with Hood being a linebacker/safety..

Hinds Smith Bucknor Thomas Tisdale


Hinds Thomas Webb Tisdale Bucknor


Hinds Smith Thomas Tisdale Bucknor

Perhaps when Beswick returns to the lineup, having both Hinds and Bucknor start will be considered.

I understand that Bucknor has missed a few tackles, but has been getting the job done other than that, and could be good enough to be a starter.

When Bucknor is in coverage and the ball is thrown his way he actually makes a play on it. Amazing!
Bo Smith can be in a guy's hip pocket and be oblivious to the ball and allow the catch.

Well so far this year Bo's coverage has been so good that he hasn't had to make a play on the ball, because quarterbacks aren't really throwing his away at all. But don't worry, as soon as he allows one long completion people will jump all over him saying how bad he is.

Sure but eventually the other teams' QBs will remember that it doesn't matter how good his coverage is, he'll still let his man catch the ball, so they'll throw at him anyway.