Bucknor Traded to Bombers

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/ticats-bombers-swap-canadians-in-trade]http://cfl.ca/article/ticats-bombers-sw ... s-in-trade[/url]

HAMILTON -- The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers completed a trade Wednesday, one that will see a pair of Canadians switch addresses.

The Ticats shipped defensive back Matt Bucknor to Winnipeg, in exchange for the rights to wide receiver Giovanni Aprile.

Aprile was selected by the Blue Bombers with the 16th overall pick in the 2012 CFL Draft.

The 6-3, 213-pound native of Toronto, Ontario, caught 120 passes for 2,155 yards and 15 touchdowns over four seasons at Queen's. He earned recognition as a first-team OUA all-star in 2012 and a second-team all-star in 2011 and 2013.

Bucknor, meanwhile, spent two seasons with Hamilton after signing there as a free agent in 2012. He started 14 games in 2012, played in all 18, and finished the season ranked fifth on the team in defensive tackles with 43, while also tallying four special teams tackles.

"Johnny April" runs a 4.6 and benched 14 reps. He is a kick returner and comes from a solid Queens' program. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Via trade, we are loading up on big, young Canadian receivers who can also play special teams. Probably means we will focus on another area of need in the draft.

Could this lead to a Giguere trade?

I think it is just a how those two teams plan to setup their ratio.

Helps put the Stala move in perspective.

Would have rather traded Neil King, but I digress. Aprile is a decent prospect and we are in need of a NI receiver to back-up Fantuz/Giguere.

Ohh LaLa! Another Rob Bagg?? 8)

Johnny April, I wonder how good he is in Sept. and Oct. :wink:

With Stala and Bucknor both moving on to other teams, is there any "Hamilton" left in the Tiger-Cats?

You would like to think that the ultimate Tiger-Cat is Caretaker!


Just to recap.....so far this off season,including the draft,the Cats have moved out 6 players from last years squad...3 in the draft(Walker/Delahunt/Hage),1 released(Stala)and two traded(Charbonneau,Bucknor).The total could go up to as high as 13 as the team currently has 7 unsigned FA,set to hit the market in a few weeks(Burris/Beswick/Johnson/Davis/Lawrence/Scott and Congi who has already been replaced and won't be resigned).Bucknor after starting for most of the 2012 season,was relegated to reserve and special team play last year,and IMO would have been a long shot to make the team this year,Aprile has good stats at Queens but hasn't played a game yet in the league,so much like the Charbonneau trade it looks like just some minor off season house cleaning by the team moving out some spare parts swapping them out for other teams spare parts.What is important though is that the team resign FA....S.Lawrence/M.Beswick/T.Davis as for the other 4 FA it looks to me like the team could be looking to replace Hank and J.J and move in another direction next season at Q.B and MLB. long snapper Scott will probably be resigned as he and Medlock have worked together in the past and apparently are good friends off the field.
Bucknor has a good chance to start on a weak B.B. team at safety or corner next year,it's also interesting to note that with his departure that leaves only Dee Webb left over from that dreadful D-Backfield unit from the 2012 season and there's no guarantee that Webb will make this team again next season,as he also lost his starters job,late last season.Thanks for your efforts here the last two seasons Matt,hopefully everything works out well for you in the Peg!!! :cowboy:

Good point, Grover. I maybe should have typed " ...... left on the Tiger-Cats' roster?" I don't know the correct answer to my question, but I think it may be "No."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO1j3sePEOU A short profile on our newest reciever

on that last note, following simoni lawrence on twitter, i think he's taking a shot in the south this year, but seems to really like playing ball in hamilton. every fifth post or so is about how awesome he gets treated around here.