Bucknor to sign with TiCats

Bucknor to sign with Ticats: sources

Canadian defensive back Matt Bucknor is expected to sign with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats according to CFL sources.

The 30-year-old Bucknor, who can play both field corner and safety, was released by the Winnipeg earlier this week after staring every game over the last two seasons with the Bombers.

That’s a good fit for the Ticats who start a Canadian safety in Courtney Stephen and likely have the depth to start a second national in the secondary if need be.

A Hamilton native began his career with the Ticats in 2012 as an undrafted free agent and has made 146 defensive tackles to go along with three interceptions in four CFL seasons. He was traded to the Bombers in January 2014 for the rights to Canadian receiver Giovanni Aprile, who is still with the club.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/06/21/bucknor-sign-ticats-sources/]http://3downnation.com/2016/06/21/buckn ... s-sources/[/url]

With his signing it could open a spot for Daly as safety and move Courtney Stephen back to CB
or at least give him a much better chance as a backup to either Bucknor or Stephen

With the additions of Bucknor, Ellis and Tisdale our Defensive backfield is looking a lot better! :rockin:

Hopefully we can move Stephen back to CB, Daly start at S and Underwood start over Watt. Not sure that will happen but I hope so.

For a newby, you are right on, in my opinion. Daly deserves to start at Safety and Stephen is a better CB than S. :thup: :thup: :thup:

yes welcome Band

sign me up for that as well, anything to get Daly and Underwood on the field is a good thing

Great news that Bucknor is coming back perhaps we can give the Bombers back Aprile now and throw in a used bag of kicking tees and a Slurpee just to say thank you. :smiley:

Welcome home Matt :slight_smile: Good to see ya back , ya never should’ve left in the first place. Austin hasn’t made too many boo boos since he got here but getting rid of you for “No Hands” Aprile was certainly one of them. :oops:

:thup: Bucknor :thdn: Aprile

Another name to keep in mind is Jay Langa - with his 2 int performance against the BumCracks he should also be an excellent backup DB for this team.

And for those who may have missed it originally, or for those who want to be reminded of how "special" Jay is, here is a story Drew Edwards did on him in March of this year. He has overcome so much in life, surely his time is "now".

[b]Ticats player knew ‘the real Rob Ford’
A Ticat player remembers his coach

By Drew Edwards

Last September, Rob Ford did something truly scandalous. He wore a Hamilton Tiger-Cats jersey to an Argonauts game.

An avid sports fan, the former Toronto mayor and city councillor was a dyed-in-the-wool Argo supporter but on this day, he had a rooting interest that superseded his typical allegiances: one his former players was suiting up for the Ticats.

Hamilton defensive back Jay Langa played for Ford for five seasons between 2004 and 2008 while attending Don Bosco high school in Etobicoke, where Ford served as head coach. It was a rough neighbourhood and Langa says football — and Ford — helped him stay on the right path.

"I've seen shootings, I've seen people get stabbed, I've seen someone get their tongue cut off," Langa said. "Without football, I would have been doing stupid stuff. I might have been in jail. I could have been dead."

Langa said Ford knew that many of his players came from difficult family situations — Langa's mother was raising him and his little sister on her own — and needed the structure that football provided.

"He was a good coach, but there was no b.s. He didn't even let us swear. Every time someone said the f-word, we had to run laps. If one guy was late for practice, we had to run," Langa said. "He was on time every day, usually in a sweater and jogging pants but if he was running late, he'd just wear his suit. Late for him was 15 minutes early."

Ford's unwavering commitment to football — he sometimes skipped council meetings to be attend practices — eventually became a point of contention. But Langa said the players saw Ford as one of the few people they could depend on.

"Once you lose a player's trust and focus, they are gone forever and they'll start slacking and missing practice," Langa said. "It's a huge commitment to be the mayor but so is coaching and helping kids. I never understood why he was criticized for that."

Those detractors would ultimately have plenty to choose from. Ford's descent into scandal and addiction didn't truly begin until after Langa had graduated but he says it was hard to watch his former coach fight his demons while taking so much personal criticism.

"I always tell people, I know the real Rob Ford. I know what he's done for the community, for the kids at my school. Everyone has skeletons and his were very public," Langa said. "It was hard and I didn't want to believe it but I still supported him 100 per cent."

Ford's support of Langa went beyond football. When the family was struggling to make ends meet, Ford showed up, unannounced, with several bags of groceries. When Langa travelled to Quebec to continue his football career after high school, Ford gave him $500 to help cover expenses.

"He said 'Don't tell your mom, I just want help you out.' That gesture, it was huge," Langa said. "It made a difference."

Given their close connection, news of Ford's death hit Langa hard. He was vacationing in Thailand last week when his mom called with the news that Ford had died at the age of 46 from a rare, aggressive cancer.

"I think I was denial for a couple of days. But when I got home and starting reading about it, seeing all the photos … that's when it hit me," Langa said. "I called one of my old teammates and just cried. It broke my heart."

The last time Langa saw Ford was just before that September game last season, when he gave his old coach a Ticat jersey emblazoned with Langa's name and No. 30. They talked for a couple of hours, reminiscing about their time together as player and coach, Ford encouraging Langa to stay committed and disciplined in his pursuit of a CFL career.

And Ford told him he'd be wearing the Ticat jersey to the game, instead of his usual Argo one.

"I said 'You're actually going to do it?'" Langa said, laughing at the memory. "He said 'Of course, you're one my sons, you're one of my kids.'

"I just hugged him and said 'I love you Coach. Thanks so much.'"

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/6407950-ticats-player-knew-the-real-rob-ford-/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/640 ... rob-ford-/[/url][/b] :cry: :cry: :cry:

but also:

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:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Bucknor comes from the Bombers Johnny Aprile country, :cowboy:

Welcome back Matt to your true home as a Tiger-Cat, we wish you all the best in Hamilton this season!!

Lets whip the Arblows at BMO on Thursday!!


Um so he decided not to sign and goes to Calgary.........................

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/06/22/bucknor-change-heart-will-join-stamps-instead-ticats/]http://3downnation.com/2016/06/22/buckn ... ad-ticats/[/url]

Well if they only offered him a Practice Roster spot here it might be to his advantage to go to Cow Town. This would have been exactly what we needed so all I can say, from that perspective, is "crap".


Remember people, Bucknor was cut by Winnipeg. WINNIPEG! Good luck to him, but did we really miss out here?

8) I can tell you one thing, as long as Kent Austin is in Hamilton, Bucknor will never wear a TiCat jersey again !!!
   Your verbal commitment should be honoured !!!  This stunt could come back to bite Bucknor in the ass, down the 
    road,  as well it should !!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 

    As the above poster mentioned, if Winnipeg cut him, then why do we want him  anyway ??   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
:thdn: Bucknor

Bucknor is dead to me now. :wink:

Come on now folks....he's a Hamilton native...he's got to make a living. PR pay or roster pay? What would you do to survive? Cut the guy some slack :thup:

It would appear that Matt "Bucked" off to Calgary. :o

Hey, I think we should "cut him some slack". Under the collective agreement, I believe that if he is on the practise roster and someone offers him a position on another team, we have to either play him or let him go.

I don't blame the guy in the least for going where he will get paid. I'm sure he would rather be working near home, AND, I'm also sure that Austin wouldn't blame him either. :wink: