Buckle up. Time for Nick


Please start Arbuckle.

It is time to see what he can do with a full game in your system

Caleb would benefit from watching one from the sidelines

What have you got to lose?


This sounds like a request to Santa Claus to please let Spring come early. :laughing:

(but seriously... you and me both want the same thing)

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If Lapo does not grant my wish Santa was the next call :sunglasses:


Well, as a Lions fan sticking his nose into a RB forum I'll say that what you said pretty much nails it on the head. Evans is too erratic right now. Arbuckle is a potential savior, you have to at least give him a game to sink or swim.


You guys are funny as shit :rofl:

NOT A CHANCE IN HELL LaPodick starts Arbuckle.

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Season off the rails and sinking even further.

Why no chance of Arbuckle?

You signed him to sit on the sidelines?

Nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving him a shot.

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Because LaPodick cannot coach his ass out of a wet paper bag.

JUST so we are clear.

WE WANT ARBUCKLE in the game but (see above) :rofl:

Word is that Arbuckle has been taking first-team reps at practice.

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Just saw that too. :+1:

Hopefully it's not just to goat us into believing he might start a game??
Goudie must be reading Twitter feeds :rofl:

IF HE DOES START ....... I hope LaPodick gives Arbuckle the same 75 yrd leach and not pull him after 2 drives. :woozy_face:

It's about time Arbuckle starts. He should've been the starter for the two last games. Lapo is a terrible HC. I have not been impressed with him from the beginning, in 2019. Lifeless, bland, uncreative playbook and strategies..

Its confirmed ARBUCKLE will start

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He has played well ; played within himself not trying to be a big play magic man Flutie type that extended plays past the normal procession of the play called in the huddle ,

playing with what he is given and executing the play drawn up by getting the ball on target and

Just managing the offence like a pro has made a difference .


It's been a fun couple weeks to watch.

Next up are the Argos at TD Place. I'll be there for this one, cheering on both teams, lol.

Argos are my #1, but I'd also sure like to see the Redblacks win a game when I'm at the stadium. So far, they're 0-5 when I've been there live.


I bet you're really glad you were wrong (twice even).

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Arbuckle was the best QB on the field last night. If he keeps this up he'll be the reason why the Red Blacks finish on a roll this season. Right now they're only 4 points out of first place. Should Hamilton pull out a win tommorrow against Toronto the race for the East stays tight as drum.


They are going to win the cup.. Lol.
It honestly wouldnt shock me

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Funny thing... in our run to the Cup last season, Nick Arbuckle was the ONLY quarterback (he was with the Argos) who managed to beat us in a meaningful game. He was slippery enough to frustrate our pass rush and our offence just couldn't get it into gear that day.