Buck vs Jarious

Who will get the nod come opening day???? I live in California, so I'm looking for some insight to the talk around B.C....

If the Lions had to field a team tomorrow, I think it would be Jarious - just because he was our starting quarterback for most of last season...and the West Final. But I think the coaches are going to camp with an open mind and seeing which one really emerges as the leader and has the most success with the passing game.

I don't have a problem with either man starting as I know in this league you need two competent QBs to be successful. I will say though that I love Jarious's rocket of an arm. Apparently, his leadership skills and 'fire and desire' in the huddle both surprised and impressed his teammates and coaches last season.

DH 8)

when is the last time a starting lions QB made it through the season in one piece??

How many times in the last 5 yrs has the starting QB played most of the games?

when was the last time a lions starting QB played more than all the other starters?

If it were me, I think I would rather start the season on the bench?

Good point FYB, but I look at it from another point of view.....We are over due to go INJURY FREE AT QB!

I think Wally will let them battle in pre-season and whoever does the best, start. You can bet that the backup will come in a lot quicker this year than in past years!

Pierce is underrated in 2007 because of subpar performance due to injury. In 2006, Pierce has one of the highest QB efficency ratings in league. He is among the best young quarterbacks with much potential.

Fans have seen more of Jackson in 2007. BC can still win games with either quarterback.

Id start Jariuos and let him show what hes got first and not damage his phsyche.

This should be a terrific battle.

Pierce has tremendous upside but needs to prove he is durable. That shoulder separation bothered him for the rest of the season to the point where he eventually had to shut it down. Being it's his throwing arm, hopefully he the off-season has allowed for a full recovery.

Jackson proved to be very durable with a terrific arm but needs to start games better. Too often it took nearly a half for him to get comfortable, including the Western Final. Hopefully last year's experience will be beneficial.

Gotta go with J.J. for no other reason than that he played his college ball at Notre Dame! Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame!

My vote goes to B.P. he has a higher completion percentage and I like the way he manages the game.J.J. seems to start every game so slow and then tries to make up for it in the second half. I go with consistancy

Buck Pierce needs the nod IMO.
Jarious Jackson didn't win that many games last year. The Lion's Defense had more points than he did driving the offense.

Buck Pierce I think should get the nod to start this year, but as some of mentioned it is going to be a battle one way or another .... It should be a good season, but for god's sake let's hope an injury free one for the quaterbacks ... man oh man ...

Go Lions!

The "UnOfficial" Province ratings this morning had the QB's ranked:

(1) Pierce
(2) Jackson
(3) Guidulgi
(4) Champion

Boy I like that name...Zack Champion. Hope the kid turns into one!

One can only hope his talent level is the equal to the last Champion :thup: :rockin:

I'm rooting for Champion to take the #3 spot, simply because I can neither spell nor pronounce the name of that other guy.

Me too MJ. I have trouble saying it and TYPING it!

its pronounce, guide-ugly…right???

I'm biased towards Buck. I don't think JJ is a starter. He's been good coming off the bench. Either way, which ever QB gets the job done, i don't care who starts.

They need to pick it up a notch or two, didn't sound like a very good outing in Regina.

We have to capable QB's in Buck and Jarious, I have confidence that the both of them together will be able to lead us to the Grey Cup. Wally wouldn't have cut Eggshell head Dickenson if he didn't believe that either.

Hey Sportsmen don't put to much stock into pre-season games, last season we lost both pre-season games only to post the best regular season record in franchise history.

Oh, I don't put too much stock into pre-season. However I did have higher expectations for both. We'll see how the fare tomorrow.

BTW, I remember back in the 60's and 70's when we won all FOUR pre-season games only to MISS the playoffs! :wink:

Yes, the days of Paul Brothers, Don Moorhead... :frowning: :frowning: ....sigh!