BUCK - tough and stubborn

....I just luv the guys heart....i just wished he'd learn to use his head a little more other than as a battering ram....Some of the plays where he's close to attaining a fresh set of downs..you can see him being a little wreckless, BUT unnecessary risks are costing him...In the last game he took on Elimimian head-on...I know Buck is one tough hombre but why does he want to invite that kind of contact....Guys like Elimimian are just waiting to get a shot at Pierce without opening the door for them....Buck is going to have to start playing the hook-slide game ...He has to in order to stay healthy and give his team the best opportunity to win....Last word is he has a strained calf-muscle but should be ready for the Esks...In any event i wasn't too upset with Brinks play this time around,,,I didn't realize what a solid guy he was until he took off for that first down in the leos game...He also had some nice tight spirals to his credit.. right on the money :thup: Maybe we have to learn to trust Macks judgement a little more when it comes to securing talent for this team...Along with Elliot...we're looking not too shabby in the back-up dept. :wink:

Your right on that. Buck was a fan favorite when in BC but if he doesn't change the way he plays he will have a short career. It's too bad cause I think he has a lot of people cheering for him. :thup:

stop with this ridiculous concusion crap. HE LIMPED OFF THE FIELD, they were working on his calf.. he wasnt taken out because of that helmet shot, he was taken out because of a calf injury. SERIOUSLY.

i never new concusions caused limping and ive had a couple myself.. everytime ive had one ( from hockey or an atv accident) ive been out for several minutes... pierce got right back up... LIMPING. let this concusion crap go away. he hasnt had one since 2009.

Where in their posts did Papa or oilerrocker say anything about a concussion?

Heh...somehow I knew that... :wink:

....i think killer is assuming again......what is it they say when you assume....'makes an ASS out of U and ME'...With my reference to Buck 'taking players head-on''..killer jumps to the conclusion...'concussion'...You can get a lot of different injuries doing that...believe me i played a lot of contact sports in my day and know this to be true :wink: ...Anyway...Pierce has to learn that discretion can be the better part of valour...something that eludes him at the present :wink: ...Still luv the guys play..He is a very talented individual :rockin:

Great to see the Bombers winning. Have always liked Buck and I hold my breath every time he runs knowing his aversion to hook sliding. I am sure Lapo has asked (even begged) him to slide, but I think it would be a very tuff thing for him to do.
Like it or not BB fans, Buck will continue to play this way I think. If he hasn't changed his style with his injury history to date, he is unlikely to do so. Unfortunate in that it will in all probability shorten his career, but the 'Peg may well have a Cup or two by then.

All I can really say is "Good Luck Buck"


i love watching him play. but i worry about his post football life.

Both teams will be ready to go after going over each others game films in preparation for the game on Friday. Not sure which Blue Bomber logo to choose if Edmonton doesn’t get the win… On that note; cheers papazoola. :slight_smile:

...i think this game will spell-out a lot of things for both teams....LaPo is familiar with Kavis and vice-versa....Buck can be as good as Ray ...IF he plays smart and avoids unnecessary contact....I think the difference could be in the defences....advantage Bombers.. but we'll see

...We have a lot of differenct logos backer.....AND i also know you do as well :wink: :lol:

I really dislike all the shots Buck takes,on the field and off.
The guy plays hard.
Sometimes too hard.

Let's hope his career isn't ended from concussions, a nasty way to end a career!

Say what you will about his playing style...but as this offense is getting on the same page with each other, Buck's stats have taken off...

In his last three games, Pierce has gone 57-of-74 for 727 yards with six touchdowns and one interception. His completion percentage during that span is a blistering 77 per cent.

 -quoted from WFP.

Where's that Marc guy from Toronto now? :wink:

Going to be another great game at Empire Field later tonight; Buck Pierce will show his poise once again as will Fred Reid.
Lulay; the passing game will be used lots, could this be the night for two Bomber interceptions going to the house? I'm sure B.C. is aware of Winnipegs sack attack too. Back in the days when Brock was at the helm leading the team to victory; thus "Another One Bites The Dust". One more week to enjoy my avatar. Go Blue Bombers