Buck takes a Beating!

Would love to hear your responces. I agree football is football and a hit is a hit and we have gone way to far to put skirts on our Quarterbacks. But, if players are going to fined and suspeneded for hits in one town, then I would dearly love to see the lions send the tape to the league on the head to head hit on Buck, and see a little justice for this year and then scrap the damn rule and lets play soem real football.

Side Note: Is Matt Dunigan ever in love with this guy, as he should be, if you have the opportunity to watch old game film of Matt in his early days with Edmonton, its like looking Buck today, lets hope he continues to progress. Good Game, Don't Call Me Buckey #16.

I thought Buck Pierce was cheapshotted by two players that are replaceable in the league quite easily while top QBs aren't. In fact it is the top QBs who put fans in the seats not the Tom Canada's and Ron Warner's who you can replace at a dime a dozen.

I meant to add that Buck may have taken some licks but he is one tough solid QB who no doubt did a whole lot of learning playing his first full game as a pro.

My preference is for him not to be like Matt Dunigan who might still be playing if not for concussions which came from his tough style of play. Yes, he loves this guy as do most BC fans.

I like his style.... at the end of the game his jersey was nice and bloody.

Buck is pretty tough and that's great but I don't really like seeing our QB's take those punishing hits. Both Buck and DD have shown they can take a lickin and keep on tickin.