Buck said much harder to throw the Canadian ball on our size

You have to be better, stronger arm, more movement,smarter, quicker and faster and be able to get the job done in three downs and have a good chance of being hit, Thats why Nfl quaterbacks cant cut and that includes them all. If there so much better and that great, supermen then they should eat up the leaque in the CFL. They cant because they are not better, they are totally overrated and their game as a qb is much easier with the smaller ball on a smaller field with four downs and never touched. Its all hype, money, and numbers.

well, for the most part, I would agree with you..

I don't know too many NFL QB's that have made it here.

Sure if Montana or Young had been in the CFL, they probably would have excelled..

but the majority of QB's in the NFL today would more likely struggle with the faster pace CFL..

and yes they'd need to have a stronger arm and more mobility! although some NFL QB's lately do have mobility.

the factor that a lot of them say is that 12th man is hard to remember...

I'd honestly like to see some of those NFL QB's come up here.. I bet most of them would fail...

We already had this argument.

No NFL QBs of ANY significance have ever played in the CFL after coming from the NFL so the arguement simply boils down to opinion.

But for some reason I just don't see a Kerry Joseph led team putting 50 some points on the board in an NFL game. That is not to say anything bad about anybody but I think the CFL has good QBs for the CFL style game. And NFL has QBs for the NFL style Game.

Let's not forget about how most if not all QBs come from the same Talent pool . . . NCAA football.

yea but come on… look at the ones that HAVE! whether or not they had any significance, they still were NFL QB’s before they came here!

well first off if the NFL is so easy then why can't some of the QB come to the NFL and dominate other then a very short list. And If you every seen the NFL you should know with bigger player on defense the QB better know how to move or he will be pounded. So in the NFL you need Speed as well as size.

Of course it's all hype, it's all about money, of which the NFL has o plenty.

I hate to break it to you, but the ball hasn't been an issue for years. We don't use the J5V any more.
Other than the stripes, the CFL and NFL balls are the same.

Ya a lot of them probably wouldn't do great... because they are trained to play in the NFL. It's not that they don't have the skill it would be that they aren't used to our game. Now all of you stop making CFL fans look stupid by saying CFL quarterbacks are better than NFL quarterbacks. It's just not true. The CFL gets garbage QBs from the NFL then when they do bad here as well people jump all over the NFL. When Peyton Manning or Drew Brees come to the CFL and do poorly, then I will be convinced. Until then, stop being morons.

While the tolerances of Canadian and American footballs are slightly different, the same ball can fall within the tolerances of each. Canadian Football League rules specify that the long circumference of the ball should be not less than 27¾ inches (705 mm) nor greater than 28¼ inches (718 mm), while the short axis should be no less than 20? inches (530 mm) nor greater than 21? inches (537 mm). The dimensions of the official National Football League and National Collegiate Athletic Association football are specified by its manufacturer as: short circumference: 20¾ to 21¼ inches (527 to 540 mm), long circumference 27¾ to 28½ inches (705 to 724 mm). (Taken from Wikipedia)

An NFL QB that couldn't land a job and got passed around and traded multiple times then eventually cut had all that happen for a reason. If he ends up in the CFL . . .

Then why is it a surprise or news worthy when they don't perform. If they could perform they would be Starting for a team instead of looking for a job.

And we went back to painting the stripes rather than sewing them on.

Arm strength is probably similar...guys like Akili Smith played in the show and doesn't throw abnormally harder than CFL guys. Bishop probably has as big a rocket as any QB.

Accuracy is another thing - NFL QB's are often throwing into much smaller windows than their CFL counterparts. Receivers get more "open" in the CFL than the NFL.

CFL QB's are generally okay if they get it withing the wingspan of a receiver. NFL QB's I've read are taught that their target windows are squares 2 feet by 2 feet. There just isn't the space that's on a CFL field.

If you look at Doug Flutie or Warren Moon, while both played here first, both did very well in the CFL and then fairly well in the NFL.

Im sure all the top tier NFL quarterbacks would do well in the CFL, but it seems anytime an NFL castoff QB comes up here he fails.

It depends on the QBs skill set.

If Ben Roethlisberger came to the CFL, he would flop.

Drew Brees might tear it up.

I never understood the logic in this thinking.
I am not taking either side in this debate but, Every QB in the CFL is American.
Every one of them played college ball on NFL fields with NFL rules. Saying that because they played in the NFL they won't make it here is is just wrong. Sure there were some who bombed and some that were cut but that does not mean all of them will.

As was mentioned. Flutie and Moon both excelled here and then went to the NFL. Based on this logic, had they come back after a year or two they would no longer be able to play here.

Doesn't make sence does it?

That doesn't mean that every QB to play in the NCAA has the same skill set, does it?

NCAA QBs can be quick and agile (CFL).

Or tall and slow (NFL).

Thats why it makes no sence to say that none of them cam make it in the CFL!

Most QBs who have already played in the NFL have been conditioned to play the game the NFL way. That doesn't work for the CFL.

It usually takes 2-3 years for QB to get used to the CFL game. NFL QBs coming to the CFL are rarely given that, and hence their failures.

So are you agreeing with me or wspidel?

I am stating my own opinion.

Many 'CFL protoype' QBs can succeed in the NFL because they have such mad skillz. (Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre). I say these NFL players are CFL prototypes because their skill sets are very similar to many successful CFL QBs.

Fewer NFL prototypes (6'5") can succeed in the CFL because generally these quarterbacks have less athletic talent and succeed in the NFL because the game is so suited to their skill sets.