Buck Pierce

Is Buck Pierce still injured?

he never was.

for gods sake, seriously?

he practised on tuesday and finished the entire game

he had bumps and bruises like every other qb in the league

He went down against the Als.

I question if he's the solution in the long run. He seems like Jim Everett of the Los Angeles Rams. Has a lot of good games but he goes down so often it's questionable whether he's the right fit for the team.

IS it me or are Winnipeg fans a little sensitive lately :roll:

No he didn't.

Yes he did, he had a noticeable limp, even the broadcasters were talking about to nausea :roll:

REALLY??? How much time did he miss? :roll:

No he didn't.
Yes he did, he had a noticeable limp, even the broadcasters were talking about to nausea :roll:
REALLY??? How much time did he miss? :roll:
A pit bull could have ate his ankle off and he still would have played, just to prove people wrong !!
That would have been Ugly :expressionless:

It's you.

Look, tc23, this is the WINNIPEG forum, a safe haven for Bomber fans. If you visit here, be respectful and don't trash talk their team. That's just not proper and you should know better. Slag them all you want in the Ticat forums or on the main CFL forum, but NOT HERE. It isn't rocket science.

And no, Buck Pierce did NOT "go down" as the O.P. says. He was banged up a bit, yes, as was AC, but he did not miss one play. Not one. Nor did AC.

Not being disrespectfull, just an observation , that your perception !

Not sensitive, just fed up with people posting BS. He didn't go down against the Als, as other have said he had a bit of a limp, he didn't miss a snap or any game action. He's scheduled to start Thursday vs the Als in the rematch. Does he get hurt often? Sure. Is he the right solution for the long run? Who said he was? They've been clear he's the best answer for the moment right now.

Is Anthony Calvillo the best solution in the long run for the Als? He's clearly still a capable QB but lets face it he's in the twilight of his career, not the beginning or middle of it. So why don't you pose the same question of him? Fact is you play the best QB you have available right now. For us that's Buck. Just like MTL is playing Calvillo because he's the best QB they have and one of the best in the league, not Neiwander because he's the long term solution.

Buck Pierce and Jim Everett are similar in the injury department. Everett, on the other hand, got his team into the playoffs and advanced.

How many more years of missed playoffs does it take to realize if you are one of 8 teams and you can't get one of six spots (75% make it), you gotta look at the qb?

There is about 5 bombers fans that come on this site, so not much of safe haven, ya,ya! I know, u have another independent site, god knows why when pretty much all the CFL, uses these forums? :roll:

They think tc 23 is a jerk on his on site too. He is just envious of Winnipeg . I would be humiliated if the Bombers were having trouble getting 13 000 to a game. I feel sorry for him and the how the cfl is treated as 2nd rate in Southern Ontario !


As a starter for BC in 2008 he led BC to the western division championship. say what? are you new to the CFL? This is Buck's 4th year with the Bombers. In the previous 3, he's taken the Bombers to the Grey Cup game once. The other two years he missed most of the season due to injury and the team failed to qualify. If anything that suggests the bombers need Buck to play and play most of the games if they're to make into and move forward in the playoffs.

TC23 there are that many sites because there are that many bomber fans. Just like the Riders have a lot of fan sites. The only reason other teams don't have as many fan sites is they don't have as many passionate fans. As is clearly evidenced by the lack of fan interest in attending Ticat games in Guelph. Its ridiculous how many open seats there are. And here I thought they were putting too few seats in the new stadium.

Oh yeah you have a NHL team ....... oh sorry thats us. You keep forgetting to post under envy ? Must suck being from a city that CFL is considered 2nd rate?????

Just like this one :wink:


and this one 8)


Trolls..... go back to your village they miss their idiots !
Back to serious matters...... The Bombers will play well in Montreal and maybe come out of there with a win.

The scratching post is a blog by a reporter at the spec, it’s a good site done by a guy who clearly works hard at it. I like what Drew Edwards does and he clearly works hard to be objective, as opposed to our local scribes. I wouldn’t mind haven’t a reporter like him covering the bombers. However it is a paper run blog written by a reporter for the paper, NOT a fan site. Try as you may to hide behind all the smilies you like to include in your posts, doesn’t make them any more factual.