Buck Pierce

I heard yesterday that Buck Pierce has signed up to be one of the coaches for the White Rock Titans midget team (my son is a first year midget).

If true, I think the kids will learn a hell of a lot from him, not least of which is how hard you have to work if you want to be a good football player.

A fulltime coach or a guest coach?
GO M.R. Knights!!

I played for the white rock titans for so many years.. white rock rules!

From what I heard, I'm guessing fulltime, but OTOH, how can he coach full time through the season? I can't sqaure that circle.

My son started as a JB, and has kept going. I started as a JB too, but I played for the Richmond Rebels (78 Provincial Champions!) back in the late 70's, and then the Richmond Colts in 82.

White Rock has seen their share of CFL players come and coach. Didn't Corey Phillipot coach there before coaching the Surrey Rams football team in Junior? And I think I read some where that Buono's kid played for White Rock a few years ago.

He did, that was in fact, the first time that Wally’s son showed any interest in playing football. He started as a midget at 16 out here.

I don’t know about Philpot, I’ve just been involved since my oldest started playing 4 years ago.