Buck Pierce won the game = NO INTERCEPTIONS!

BC's Buck won the game tonight because he did not throw any interceptions and give up field position or a TD. That was the real difference in the game. Ricky got picked twice while Bucky held on to his wallet!!!!!
Leos were lucky though. Damn holders! And I picked the Esks to win in an upset. Crap!

Buck didn't win the game for us. He had his moments in the first half, but the second half he wasn't that sharp. Our D came up huge tonight.

Well Buck was 20 of 24 for 274 yards and he ran effectively at times. Those are pretty good numbers. The problem was he was sacked, I believe 8 times. Also his play only translated into 16 points from the Lions offense and only 1 touchdown.

However I would say he outplayed Ricky Ray, as Ray threw 2 interceptions that were returned for touchdowns. So while it is a little bit of a stretch to say Pierce won the game, he played fairly well and didn't lose the game for his team. Ray, though he played well at times, did lose the game for his team with 2 horrible passes and incosistant play. Even the touchdown he threw to Tucker was lucky. You should never throw back across your body like that, and there were 3 Lions right there.

One of Ray's INTs was tipped at the line, you can't blame him for that one.

I think Pierce's inexperience showed in the 4th quarter but he still did enough, along with the D, to win the game.

Lions are lucky to have a decent back up QB.

Considering all those people that picked BC would finish last if Dickenson got hurt.

How many games has Buck won this year? :thup: :thup: