Buck Pierce Wanted by Teams in the NFL & CFL

Buck Pierce is a wanted man.

The free agent quarterback is currently being sought by the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers and Detroit Lions.

Oh, but that's not all.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are expected to make him an offer within the next 48 hours, a Hamilton Tiger-Cats scout is evaluating him today in Vancouver, and the Montreal Alouettes have also expressed interest.

BC Lions coach Wally Buono called Pierce on Wednesday night to wish him well.

Pierce, 28, was released by the Lions back in March after five seasons with the team.

He had 692 completions for 8,734 passing yards and threw for 48 touchdowns in his career with B.C., adding 1,015 rushing yards and nine touchdowns himself.

The Lions were the only professional team that the California native had ever played for, but that's about to change. It's just a question of where he'll end up.

(Note - the above post was cut and pasted from TSN.ca)

Many things have confused me about our league over the years, but a struggling Argos team cutting all 3 of their QBs and showing zero interest in Buck is pretty much at the top of my list of head scratchers.

Well he going for a tryout where alot of ncaa kids who didnt have a pro day.At the age of 28 his days of playing in the nfl are numbered.So if he goes and make a team he will make decent money but i read he just got a 3 year 900,000 dollar contract which isnt that bad at at.I still thinkt he cfl needs to raise it league salaries atleast too 60,000 that will raise ticket prices but it will help keep guys in the league.Also why not take on the UFL champs in a world bowl?

I think it's good on them by not showing interest. The simply fact is he's injury prone, and with their O-line they'd at best get 6 games out of him. I'm surprised so many teams are interested, one more concussion and he's done.

B.C. is a great QB, its just the risk of another concussion, can't blame Wally for letting him go, show's how good a coach he is.

I have read anything abotu any team being interested other than he going to a open camp to be looked at.H e will face alot of stiff competition from alot of ncaa quarterbacks who didnt get looked at at pro day camps

And you know this for a fact, Doctor? :roll:

If it’s not a concussion, it’ll be the shoulder. :lol:

Finally someone smart!!!
this NFL thing is a ploy by his agent to create demand and interest within CFL clubs, and i hope CFL clubs don't fall for it!

He'll be back to work soon I'm sure. Injuries or not, he has a lot of talent and is a good football mind and in one form or another can help many teams out.

He's had quite a number of concussions, obviously I don't know for sure, but after a certain amount of concussions in a contact sport common sense should kick in.

just ask mush head eric lindross

I've found mention in game reports of Pierce having had 3 concussions in 11 months (not the widely claimed 5 concussions). The first concussion was apparently very mild as he was back at practice the next day with no symptoms. The second concussion was 8 months later in the 2009 pre-season. The third concussion would be the worrisome one since it happened so close to the second one unless it actually wasn't a third concussion. IIRC there was mention that the last incident may actually have been a recurrence of symptoms from the second concussion and not a "new" concussion. Plus any concussion Pierce has suffered occurred before he switched helmets to the model that is supposed to provide a LOT more protection to the head.

So all you have to worry about is the shoulder...

Maybe it's those concussions that are impeding common sense...lol

I still cannot believe my Argos did not at least bring him in for a physical and a tryout.

Amen! Meanwhile the Argos Kool-Aid drinkers and even a few of the Lions were busy focusing on attacking my view on a separate post at suggesting POTENTIAL impropriety and folly of trading Jackson for merely a washed up offensive lineman.

Well of course for the Argos it would be a great deal why wouldn't they be for such a view and defend it?

Put all that delusional energy and wishful thinking to signing a waived veteran realistically dudes!

Signing an actual available veteran would be one matter on which it would be good to see Braley hands on with Barker for that matter, though to be fair there just are not many solid CFL veterans.

Uh, read the NFL site's review of pro days as much as I do, as in every one for every school, and you will find that the crop of even marginal NCAA prospects has never been thinner.

Good point on Pierce, but I don't agree at all with the assertion that the competition from the NCAA quarterbacks who are not drafted into the NFL is stiff.

The crop of future potential feature players includes only Bradford, Clausen, McCoy, Tebow, and LeFevour in my view, and I am not sold on Bradford only for sake of durability and on McCoy despite his workout. LeFevour has the prototype body and good tools but has much more to learn than the others including Tebow in my view.

Here's one Argos fan who does get it! Spread the word please Argotom!

You and me appear to be alone and unbelievably so.
Same can also be said about the Jackson for Murphy possible deal which I would make in a minute.