Buck Pierce to Start on Saturday??

The word around Bomberland is that Buck Pierce will start at QB on Saturday in Guelph for Winnipeg? I wonder if they played spin the bottle in the Winnipeg Coaches Lounge or drew straws and Buck got the pick?

How many quarters will he last? Will Jamal Johnson take out another booming hit on Buck again or maybe Rico Murray off the edge? Will Max Hall be number two or Goltz, maybe the plan is to use all the QB's again??

The Blue Bumber Saga continues wait till Saturday and see???

If Buck starts the next game, I will be shocked if he makes it into the second quarter, even more shocked if he's still in the game at half time.

This silly carousel that is played out in Winnipeg can't be good for any of the quarterbacks' confidence or faith from their teammates. Only bad can come this foolishness.

The Pegs keep passing the Buck. :cowboy:

Still think he's the best they got even though he's fragile as crystal. Hope we can knock him out early as I think his experience could cause us problems. On second thought, who really cares, the way we're playing we don't care who gets the short straw.

Wait, I thought Quinton Porter was going to be the next quarterback?
I heard that from a from a reliable source. :smiley:

Buck really would be my choice. He has a lot to prove and has beaten us plenty the past couple years so I don't think its wise to take him or them lightly. We all know how that has gone in the past.

Here is a link,

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/08/18/expect-buck-to-start-for-bombers-against-ticats]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/08/18/e ... nst-ticats[/url] https://www.facebook.com/WpgBB/posts/297775246909261

That's too funny.

you have the same sources as BIGCAT.


The B.B.'s are one BUCKED UP Franchise,what a HALL of a situation,maybe they'll figure things out JUSTIN time.What a ridiculous silly farce this franchise has become,the way things are the third string waterboy might just be starting Q.B. the game after this. :roll: :slight_smile: :wink:

At this point, till at least after the Edmonton games, I would go with Buck. He is the last chance your team has of making the playoffs and is the only QB whose led the team there. If you haven’t come away with at least two wins in the next five weeks, or the standings require at least a run of 4 to get in contention, the season is a write off and the team should focus on giving the young, next QB experience and development. I’d probably pick Goltz over Hall, as the CFL game favors mobile QBs far more.

Make no mistake, unless the team has a turn around, Winnipeg has to shed Pierce. He’s too injury prone to be a starter or to build the team around at this point, and he’s likely got way too much salary to be a mere mentor/backup. You have to start rebuilding the offense now. The dispersal draft is coming up and Winnipeg’s offense if likely going to get a pass, so use it to get your prospects at the cusp, while you still have a semblance of a solid defense. Now if this means a trade to get a solid QB, digging into the free agency or developing your own QB, then that is what must be done.

Good one :lol:

If the Bombers want to win now they should go with Buck, he isn't someone they want long term but if you are fighting for wins this season he needs to be the guy you go with. I think they will ride him out this season and see if they can get into the playoffs and then pick up a QB in the off season. Teams like the Stamps and Argos are probably going to loose a QB and not get anything for him in the Ottawa draft so they will be more than happy to trade before that and pick something up.

My sentiments exactly.

I am so confused, :? first report from bomber land is that buck pierce is the quarterback and now the report from reliable sources :smiley: is that hall is the quarterback. Which is it ? I need to know from reliable sources as soon as possible. :smiley: :smiley:

So you're saying that you need a reliable source to tell you which reliable source to believe? Which future is the real future? Or could they both be true? Any quantum physicists out there? Schrödinger, are you there?

Or maybe the captain can answer it for us....

Ur confused magine how the three amigos feel peirce ur the starter for the year no wait peirce ur out goltz ur in for the year oh heck hall u take the wrap for our dismal season ur the starter and if anyone asks I tim burke had nothing todo with the decision its was our OC . Bellveh? No stupid the guy we just fired not the one we just hired crouton or crouchton meh whatever his name is just do ur job.

Buck is the best they've got by a huge margin but he's as fragile as a Christmas ornament. One tap and he's done. I guess they have to start him but have the backups ready to go in from the first snap.

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Looks like Hall is getting the start again, because it worked out so well last game.