Buck Pierce staying

...I noticed bowlerdude that you didn't mention Jyles coming up lame....How do we know how durable he is????? I'm not saying he is as injury prone as Buck....BUT how do we really know if he'll last a season....It will be nice to have 2 capable qbs. that's for sure...with Buck in the no 1 spot :wink:

hmm.. we lost 9 games by 4 points or less... jyles had 8 fumbles.. wonder how many of those fumbles he had led to touchdowns or fg's.. i mean when u lose 9 games by 4 or less, u gotta look at those things. jyles isnt the answer here.. he just isnt, he's michael bishop.. people like to make excuses, he's been in the league 5 years but is a rookie.. NO HE'S NOT.. JOEY ELLIOT WAS A ROOKIE and looked just as good if not showed more leadership and fire than jyles did. I mean, i dont get the jyles love.. stats dont mean a thing.. they dont take into his 8 fumbles.. do they? no, someone should look into that.. one of you without a life, look into it.. 8 fumbles.. how many of those lead to fgs or touchdowns and how many games did we lose because of those fumbles... something to think about. Jyles isnt even guaranteed to be recovered in time.. shoulder requires surgery.. his career could very well be over.

Ive stayed away from here recently..not cuz ive been banned, god no.. but because i cant stand reading some of the ridiculous posts on here.. u got people who say they are bomber fans yet they are crapping oon the team every chance they get.

really.. bomber "fans" look in the mirror... ask yourself.. what the heck do i really know. u guys talk about play calling like u knew what the play call was, u talk about all this garbage.. playing calling, blah blah blah.. was the play call throw an interception into double coverage...

jyles is a joke.. the guy is so ho hum, whatever.. we learned from our mistakes and next game we'll be better.. then what does he do.. next game, throws an int into double coverage and says the same thing...

the only reason he signed here is because he figured he would be handed the starters job.. he was.. due to injury.. had his chance, put up meaningless pointless... who gives a crap about qb efficiency ratings.. they are irrelevant.. stats and lost alot of games... but people think he's god or something. its just really pathetic.

if u guys want kevin glenn.. sure play jyles cuz thats all he will ever be but i dont want another kevin glenn, i dont want another pouty ho hum oh well who cares attitude.. i dont want some dude sulking cuz he sucked.. i want a guy like pierce, like elliot who has some fire, has leadership.

sorry but 5 years in the league.. thats not a rookie... ELLIOT IS A ROOKIE, BRINK IS A ROOKIE, TJ HARRIS, MARCELLUS BOWMAN, GREG CARR, ANDRE DOUGLAS, KELLY BUTLER.. these are rookies, alex suber, deon beasley, justin palardy.. these are rookies.. JYLES is a 5 year bench warming vet..

u making the same throws into double coverage u were 5 years ago... jyles hasnt shown me anything other than he can put up meaningless stats and choke when the game is on the line.. play calling.. ya.. pretend u know what the play call was all u want but it wasnt fumble the ball or throw an int at the most crucial time.. CUZ T HATS WHAT HE DID.

ppl can talk crap all they want about pierce but he's atleast proven that when he is healthy.. HE IS A WINNER.

jyles has just shown he can put up pointless stats and choke when it matters most.

not impressed with jyles at all... am i ripping him? abit... because honestly... the guy is michael bishop just younger.. big arm but a 2 cent brain. elliot showed more poise and he's a legit ROOKIE.. jyles.. man, for all i care they can trade him or he can go on ir to start the year... my guess.. he will be the guy who is on the ir next year because he wont recover from his shoulder surgery in time.. the guy just doesnt do it for me and why ppl praise him so much when he was the qb of record for about 6 of those 9 games we lost by 4 or less... fact is.. in football, in sports.. its about wins and loss's.. stats are well and good but stats dont mean anything. Pierce is the starter unless jyles miracolouslly over the winter gets a brain and some leadership abilities.. and honestly after 5 years... YEAH NOT A ROOKIE at all, not even close actually.. u dont show it.. u aint got it. jyles dont got it.

jyles = 5 year vet.. lulay = 1 year really.. elliot = 3 months.. tate = what 2 years? lulay, tate, elliot.. id take all these guys over jyles anyday.. atleast their potential hasnt been reached.. jyles has. ppl can talk about jyles like he's so great but fact is.. bomber fans dont have the patience to wait until he's 35 like calvillo to hit his potential. JYLES isnt the answer and honestly.. some of u have the worst memories ever because when he signed with us back in febuary.. people didnt like it.. several months later and a bunch of loss's and pointless stats and u change ur mind? what a joke bomber fans truly are. from thinking u actually own the team to praising a guy who when push came to shove, folded like a cheap pair of pants.. dudes just.. he doesnt have it. 5 years and u havent shown anything other than useless stats... what his win loss record as a starter? not very good.. and in sports.. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. coaches get fired cuz of loss's.. they dont keep their jobs cuz the qb puts up good stats.. u can all pretend to be experts but fact is... none of you, myself included.. we dont know dink all.

Oh really ?

u dont even live here do u? what the heck do u know. ur the joke loser im talking about. all u do is sit here behind some bs identity and talk constant crap.. ur part of the problem.

No I do not; so what's your point?

As much as the next poster I suppose; been following the CFL since the late 1950s

I am ?? I don't recall singing Jyles' praises. . . seems to me that when he was signed I was saying that he shouldn't be made the starter. . . correct me please if I am wrong, but I don't think you can put me down as being a blind Jyles fan. . .

I express my opinion from time to time. . . which is all you do as well, which is all any of us do. . . as for "bs" identity, Jack does happen to be my name. . . now take a quick glance in the mirror my friend before referring to "bs identity and talk constant crap"

Now how can I be part of the problem ?? You yourself just said I don't live there. . . so how can I be part of your problem? Make up your mind and stop contradicting yourself !

if you were ever hoping to make a point, you kinda ruined it all there

poor kim…she believes that only peggers can comment on the team.

exclusive club.

Killer while you begin to actually make some good points you bury yourself by going completely overboard .. its kinda all or nothing with you try to think things through with a little less absolutism ... makes your points more readable and credible

We should pick up Jesse Lumsden so Buck can strip him for parts when needed :lol: