Buck Pierce staying

....Seems Bucky is serious about the Peg...He has decided to spend the winter in the Manitoba capital... rehabilitating his arm and working out...Latest word was that he is throwing the ball with some authority and is progressing well....I think he'll be in top form for the 2011 season...Now if we could insulate him somehow against the injury bug....we'd be in excellent shape with Pierce and Jyles as 1 and 1A.. Bucky might also need some other type of insulation...Wpg. can get nasty cold in the winter months....I'd hate to see the California kid freeze-up on us :lol: ....Kidding aside , it sounds like Buck is on the road to a full recovery :thup: :rockin:great news

Buck on the road to full recovery, LOL. Where have we heard this before?

Long and the short of it is: talk is cheap. Let's see Buck play 15 or more games as a starter in 2011. Let's see him do that without sustaining some kind of serious injury.

I hope he doesn’t play more than 15 games as a starter. I’d much rather have him as Jyles’ back-up next year. Buck may not be too pleased with that, but honestly, I feel like Buck had just as many if not more bad games than Jyles in way fewer appearances. I really believe Jyles deserves to be the starter next year… Pierce would be a heck of a guy to have coming in as a back-up.

I hope his better half is a nurse, as he really needs all the help he can get. He is one good hit away from saying goodbye to football anyway.

Buck's first two games were incredible and think he would have gotten even better if he hadn't been injured. Most of the games where his performance was not so great were ones that were his first one back after an injury. It's all going to come down to his staying healthy - if he does he'll be spectacular. Hopefully all of the freak injuries have happened now and he'll have better luck next season (and I do mean luck because a couple of those injuries were simply bad luck - if he hadn't hit that Rider player's helmet with his elbow he wouldn't have been hurt).

cfl rulz, Buck is single. And every player is one hit from saying goodbye to playing football - just ask Jason Tucker or Anthony Gargiulo.

The single girls will be lining up around the block over this news.

…AND seeing as NOBODY has a crystal ball with definite predictability on Pierces playing 3/4 of a season injury free, I would say your ‘talk’ is just as cheap…we’ll see if Buck can answer your concerns next season…IF he does have a significant comeback year…i will guarantee we won’t be on the outside looking in, as is the case now… :wink:

......hey...that's one-way a guy can stay warm all winter :thup: :wink:

Good news if it's true...it would do us no harm at all to have a serious competition for #1 QB next year (not like the Argos this year or us last year). Pierce and Jyles both showed some good stuff, so let's see who can deliver.

Who else should get invited to TC? We'll know a little more about Joey after this weekend. Have we seen enough of Brink? Is Champion worth a serious look? Anyone want another go with DiMichele? Four seems to be the maximum.

No line-up. Handing out wristbands. Got mine yesterday! (I wish) :lol:

Papa, I hope Buck can stay healthy for 15+ games next season. But how many more seasons have to pass before you at least acknowledge that Pierce's many injuries are going to make fans think twice about buying this "Buck will be healthy THIS year" position? He's said this kind of stuff before and we all know how it's turned out.

Given his history, the onus is on Pierce to prove he's healthy.

we'll see if Buck can answer your concerns next season....IF he does have a significant comeback year...i will guarantee we won't be on the outside looking in, as is the case now... :wink:
Right, because everything that went wrong this year was the fault of the quarterback with the 100.9 efficiency rating, the quarterback tied with Anthony Calvillo for fewest interceptions thrown this season. :roll:

The O-line is questionable, the coaching very questionable, and the receivers are pedestrian outside of Edwards, but sure, let's blame Jyles.

yeah. I really don't understand this school of thought from some Bomber fans. Jyles made a few mistakes at key times at some points this year.. for the most part, he played awesome. And Jyles did it without TJH and Carr for most of the year, with his #2 receiver being Adarius Bowman. A healthy Pierce is not going to make this team any better next year than starting Jyles all year, in my opinion.. could make it worse.

I'm really glad Buck is coming back. I don't consider him injury prone as some do. He gets hurt because of the way he plays, full out, all the time! These are the players everyone likes to watch, no matter what sport. These guys are exciting. The other side of the coin.... a QB who plays 12 to 20 years, breaks records due to longevity, never hurt because he always plays safe, just does enough to get by. At the end of his career accolades galore, but not too many championships. Does this remind you of anybody? I'll pay my money to see the Buck Pierces of the world over the safety- first players any day.

Careful Dan, you'll invoke a schat storm with those comments, nice job. :lol:

you don't start in the CFL for 12 to 20 years by doing "just enough to get by" ... and if it's solely Pierce's style that gets him hurt for at least half of every season, then there are a whole lot of other players who should be on the IR for 9 games a year.. and they aren't. not to mention it's just common sense that a guy with a history of concussions is injury prone, although the injuries he suffered this year were just bad luck. also, I'll take the "not too many championships" from the safe guy over the "no championships because I'm too busy sitting in the press box to even take my team to the playoffs" from the reckless guy.

honestly, I like Pierce and he's a very talented QB, I was thrilled when we brought him in from BC, but I think it's silly to say he's not injury prone, and after what we've seen from Jyles, there's no reason to keep starting someone who can't be relied upon to play the whole year.

I guess some people would rather watch the tortoise than the hare!

I| guess some people woulds like him to succeed and others would like to see him injured ... if someone heals ... rehabilitates then you assume they are ready to go no one I mean no one can know if he will get injured again or not. I also find it very interesting that when AC was injured everyone was gushing and tripping over themselves wishing him the best and well they should. Conversely news of Bucks injuries is meant with derision and I told you so. Seems a bit of a double standard and classless. Buck is a first class QB and a 1st class guy I think you want guys like him your organization and guys like Buck deserve shot for a lot of good reasons. And yes anyone can go down at anytime and I hate to see it or wish it on anyone ...no one wants to get injured and in Bucks case if he is wiling to stay in the peg and rehab than what more can you say. Good luck Buck and good on ya

......well there's seems to be a bit of a qb. controversy building in the Peg....Pierce Vs. Jyles.....

...I'll go bottom line right off the top
.....Buck Pierce stays no 1 .....Why???? His experience as a no 1 qb. and wins in the CFL....More fire and leadership qualities.... The negative... was injured in 2010

...Steven Jyles no 2.......Why????? Great stats. in 2010 ...has gained valuable experience in the no1 qb. spot....
The negative....Did not display a great deal of leadership and seemed to falter when it counted most .. also injured in 2010

...I;m sticking with Buck until he shows us that this game might be too physically demanding for his style of play

We also need to see how Jyles recovers from his injury.

eh.. for 1, Pierce's 14000 other injuries haven't shown you that this game might be too physically demanding for him?
for 2, Jyles faltering when it counted most.. partly playcalling, partly inexperience, and partly myth, IMO. he sure didn't falter when anything counted most in the BC game, and was doing pretty well in bringing us back again the week after against Montreal until TJH fumbled.

I suspect Pierce will go into training camp the favourite to start, but in the end I'm not convinced that's the best decision or that he'll come out of camp as the starter. We'll see. Either way, I don't think I'm too worried about our QBs next year.