Buck Pierce signs with the Blue Bombers

Well looks like Buck pushed his agent aside LOL ! Good luck to him. He brings hope to the battered fans in Winnipeg

True, they'll cling to anything to say that they aren't in rebuilding mode.Buck will have to last at least 2 years so you can prep someone to start when he leave's.Jyle's is okay, but don't expect him to walk into the game as the next Darian Durant.You can say he competed with Durant to see who started last season but Durant won the job and boy is there anybody out there to doubt this guy now?Twice he escaped 3-4 people hanging onto him for the sack, I know one of those for sure went for a TD.Anyhoo, back to Pierce.He's great when he's healthy, but he's made of glass.Have 2 QB's ready to go behind him.And i've been hearing alot that his conussion status isn't actually that bad.I'll tell you this.Every time he started last year he got rocked hard.A few time's he had to leave with consussion like symptoms and one time his head hit the turf with amazing force, so I don't think his head is fine and dandy like most are trying to say now that he's a Bomber.Be careful Pierce, 2-3 more years of football isn't worth a lifetime of agony after football.

....did i just hear a big 'GULP' coming out of the hammer... :lol: Certainly Pierce will put the Bombers in serious contention in the east...and IF he stays healthy will be a huge asset for the young learning qbs. on the Bombers ...Great signing :thup:

Definitely improved the Bomber's.But will Winnipeg be ready when.... WE BRING THE HAMMER DOWN! :smiley:
Cat's definitely need a few more defensive improvement's to adjust to Buck in the east.

At least Winnipeg will start the year with a bona fide starter. And, if (when) Buck goes down, whoever comes in will have less pressure as they are coming in as the backup.

My only concern would be that Jyles doesn't come to camp as a malcontent, because my guess is his expectation (regardless of what he was or was not told) was that he'd come in with a real shot to become the starter. Unless Pierce bonks his head on the bar rail at Earl's tomorrow, there's no way that's gonna happen now.....

Good to hear Buck's back to work. He has the smarts and the talent for sure. I just hope that their O-Line is stronger than ours and he stays healthy!

Grims, this is a popular misconception. Buck's injuries weren't about our O-line, but about his penchant for taking off with the ball and not protecting himself. Look at both his concussions (and shoulder injuries) from last season. Concussion #1 was in Edmonton when he slid too late (a rare example of a hook slide) which led to a hellacious hit causing his to head to bounce off the Commonwealth grass. Concussion #2 was in Toronto when he threw a pic and was blocked (rather innocently I thought) by an Argo defender. Again, nothing to do with our O-line.

A bad O-Line = hits to the QB being more frequent and violent when in the pocket. He will still play like there's no tomorrow but if he doesn't have help, there won't be a tomorrow for him!

Its doubtful the guy will give you 18 games but if he can get the team out of the gate and give some time to the coaching staff to establish their system and work their young QB's they are an improved team.

BPs biggest nemesis has been BP.

The guy is just plain reckless with his body.

Hopefully, the coaching staff can teach him to be a little more conservative. He's only 28, he should be able to play for another 5 years at least.

i hope he stays healthy for the blue bombers.
should make things more interesting in a usually boring east division.

...definitely some instant credibility at QB for the Bombers...hope BP can stay away from the noggin hits, best of health to him...competition in the east just improved

Was not one of the times against the Riders when he tried to tackle a guy who got a pick. His head bounced on a knee and the ground. THough I also remember at least one DL guy hitting him full force for a concussion as well. But yes, generally they were the results of his own play.

i think bucks injuries were a combo of things last season and the last few years really.. i mean id say it was his fault and only his fault if he was the only bc qb that had been injured but fact is, printers got hurt, jackson got hurt, pierce got hurt, dickenson when he played there got hurt, just how it is there in bc. will he stay healthy? i dunno. but i suppose u can say that about any qb in the league right now b4 the season begins. i dont think his injury issues are a concern to be honest, i think if they were as big of a concern that "fans" think they were, then he wouldnt have been signed at all.

dont care what any non bomber fan thinks, signing buck makes the bombers instantly better.

I think you are thinking of one of the Dave Dickenson concussions.

I am sure that it was Argo DE Claude Harriott that just crushed Pierce (Concussion #2) after an interception last season in a game in Toronto. Buck left the game never to return. I can't fault him for getting hurt on that play.

I would say "crushed" is too strong a term, but he was definitely knocked ass over tea kettle by Claude Harriott when he was wasn't prepared. Still, it was a hit from which he should have come away unscathed.

Despite all this, I am more concerned about hits to Pierce's shoulder than any concussion issues. Since his move to the new helmets with extra protection, he had no recurrence or lingering effects of the two concussions.

My opinion of Adam Rita is very low right now. Should the Bombers get off to a hot start with Buck this season while the Argo hodgepodge of QBs struggle, I'll be royally pissed. :x

Wasn't Rita's decision anyway. Player personel decisions are now Barker's to make and he's not interested in a QB who's proven can't last a season. Pierce has in fact proven that five times.

glenn has proven that a few times, even ricky ray anthony calvillo, henry burris, name a qb in the league really and they have all been "hurt" at one time or another causing them to miss signifcant playing time.

Dare I say how Buck should have been signed a long time ago by my Argos.
Good on the Bombers though.