Buck Pierce signs extension

Buck Pierce would have been going into his option year next season but signed a contract extension yesterday for about 200 grand a season. It's great to have him locked up for a few more years and it says alot about his team first attitude. He could have played out his option to see what the plan is for DD and jumped ship for more money to start somewhere else after next year, but instead he knows that he is the future of this organization. He also has a hell of a teacher in DD. Good move by a classy guy.

Thats awesome tht we signed him!! He's a great QB

My respect for BP has gone up even more... if that's possible

I wish the Stamps had a guy like BP, the Lions are going to be dam tough to beat!!

Buck went to highschool here in Crescent City, Ca. He is amazing in his skill. I have enjoyed watching his highschool days, and everybody here in his home town are very proud of him. His younger brother Flint played qb for our warriors after his departure and he too was a great qb. He came to watch our Warriors play against Marin Catholic in our regional playoffs, and I can say his presence motivated our players for a well played victory. Buck remembers where his roots are and when he comes home everybody knows it. I would really like to see him make it to the NFL. Maybe then I could see him play again. COngrats to the Lions on their victory, and congrats to Buck for his great success. We wish him well...

Thanks for coming by. I hope Buck has a long and successfulcareer(except against the Esks) in football.

Lions have him locked up for a while. I think he will be the Leo's starter within two years.

Buck Pearce = CLASS. I think he will play a bigger role for the Lions next season. He deserves it and good on him.

Buck is doing the right thing by sticking around and learning and becoming a better player in the professionals...and i am happy he is doing this as a lion, the next few years look like they are going to be good seasons!!!

I think that since BC locked him in with a decent contract with so many financial incentives if he becomes the starter, it's pretty obvious that he's positioned to be the starter very soon. Dickenson's not done being a starter quite yet, and signing a contract extension with BC would be a poor decision for him at this point... unless he's ok with Buck taking over for good about mid season next year. This year was the "teaching" year for Dave... he should realize that after being on the hot seat during the Printers fiasco in 2005, that Wally and the boys really have no intention of making any further committment to him for future seasons... even if they say so...

Dave's got plenty of excellent football left in him, but I have this gut feeling that Buck's turn is right around the corner... Dave might want to just take his Grey Cup victory and run!