.....THE WPG. FREE PRESS says Pierce has been signed and it will be made official at a news conference scheduled for 1 pm. ....Great to have Buck on the roster.....the Bombers have been seriously UPGRADED... :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

YES THEY HAVE!!! Fantastic news...!

TSN reporting the story as well...


It's a good signing. Winnipeg's year would have been a disaster with Jyles, Santos or DiMichelle starting at QB.

Pierce will give you a shot to win if he stays healthy. You should now definitely draft the best possible available O-Lineman with your first round pick to help in that regard.

Maybe, maybe not. Lots of quality O-LINE members already coming to camp...

I was dubious about this before, but since it seems his concussion record has been seriously overstated, I think it's a good move for both short term (we begin the season with a bona fide starter) and long term (good opportunity to groom the others), as long as the appropriate incentives are in place. Welcome aboard Buck!

If healthy he gives the Bombers a chance to win and it will give the new crew running the team a bit of time to build their QB position.

…i’d say we got a huge asset in Pierce and with LaPo coaching ( did wonders with Durant)the quality and experience for the Bombers just took a great leap… :thup:

Despite being a die hard Argo fan & knowing Pierce's signing improves divisional foe Winnipeg, I am glad for Buck. I like his style of play & feel it is good for the CFL that a pretty good qb is not in the unemployment line.

I'll give Mack credit, he said a week ago, it would be about 10 days to finalize the deal.

Hey, if a 40 year old Calvillo can still get it done, why not a 28 year old Buck. :wink:

well i dont care what fans of other teams think, all i know is we just got a whole heck of alot better today with the signing of buck pierce :slight_smile: i think if buck can stay healthy, but really that goes for any qb in the league, but if he can stay healthy, the bombers i think have a real shot at not only going to the playoffs but hosting a playoff game this season.



Burn on Jyles.. he' was going to winterpeg hoping/thinking he was the no.1, he'll get playing time cuz glass pierce will break at sometime this season... but big upgrade... good signing winnipeg =)

well, if jyles doesnt want to be number 2, then im sure ricky santos and adam dimichele would have no problem taking that job away from him. its an open competition, if jyles wants to be number 1, all he has to do is beat out buck santos and dimichele for that job in training camp. pretty simple.

.......if Buck can 't go ...we do have Jyles.....what have you got in saskville for an alternative ,IF Durant suffers the same fate..hmmmmmm....I think the Bombers are now in better shape...OF COURSE the riders could hunt Dinwiddie down or LeFors could be available shortly...... :wink: :lol:

Papazoola might want to consider why the Riders didn't go out of their way to re-sign Jyles before he talks smack about QB depth.

...out in two might want to do some research and find out the fact that the riders very much wanted to re-sign Jyles....He chose to leave with LaPolice and sign with Winnipeg and rejected the riders offer :wink: :lol: how that for smack :rockin:

This being on the Winnipeg boards, papa is entitled to talk as much smack as he likes. . . you can do it in your own forums, just not in others', something on in two seems to misunderstand from time to time.

That said, his point is well taken.

A week ago, the Riders had one bona fide starter and two kids who haven't thrown a pass in the CFL. Winnipeg had one guy who has so far been a career backup and two kids who haven't thrown a pass in the CFL (not counting Lefors). . . so at that point if you base it solely on CFL experience, then yes the Riders were better off.

Now, while the Riders have a bona fide starter and two kids who haven't thrown a pass in the CFL, the Bombers now have a bona fide starter, a career backup, plus two kids who haven't thrown a pass in the CFL.

Again, based just on CFL experience, now it's advantage Winnipeg. But any one of the four kids could surprise this year, we'll see.

Plan the Parade route!!!


Wicked signing! I hope he dose well for you guys! I always liked his stile of play!

Great signing Buck, welcome aboard!! That being said i was already happy with Jyles, Santos and DiMichele if it came down to that, now we have a true starter in Buck, in my opinion 3 great back ups with Jyles, Santos and Dimichele. Kind of figured the Bombers would want to get Buck signed by today considering it is meet the QB day at Earls ... ironic ... Now that Buck is here, i will say DO NOT count out Santos or DiMichele making #2, longshot? probably, but as i have stated many times (and no disrespect to Jyles) DiMichele is a great young QB with a winning attitude, same goes for Santos and these two SHOULD benefit from Buck being the starter, Jyles has great tools as well, i am not saying he is not going to be #2, just saying he will be pushed for the backup role. I was already happy about our QB situation, now i am super excited and i wish TC was today, well at least we can go to Earls and meet these guys and that should settle our football craving at least for tonight ... LOL ... And i agree with 1 post, people will be pleasently surprised when they meet 24 year old Adam DiMichele, this kid has the best attitude i have ever seen in a young QB, great kid and as someone stated a great role model and future star, i can see Buck, Steven, Ricky and Adam being a tight group this year and that is a major benefit for the B&G. See you all at Earls tonight!!!

Last note ... Ti-Cat fans coming on here stating we now have a chance to WIN games, get ready to get your a$$es whooped all year long, i said it before the Buck signing and i am saying it now, Kevin who????

And see you LeFors nice to have you here, good luck getting that 150K from any other team, i know being unemployed sucks but you dug your own grave!!!

80TH Season for the Bombers will be one heck of a ride ............... GO BOMBERS!!

Kevin who?????? Get ready to get whooped by The Bombers all year long!!