Buck Pierce Released

I bet Buck's agent already has him on a plane to Toronto. Barker said he wouldn't mortgage the Argos future for a QB (i.e. trading first round picks) but you'd have to think he'd have rocks in his head not to pick up a proven CFL QB, even one who is easily injured. He has to have 1 QB with CFL game experience on the roster. On a related note, the Argo's also traded a pick for Dalton Bell of the Roughriders (see below)

From the Rod Pedersen Blog today: http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/

The BC Lions Football Club announced today that quarterback Buck Pierce has been released.

"Buck has been a consummate professional during his time with our organization and in addition to thanking him for his efforts over the past five seasons we also wish him the very best in the future," said Lions GM and head coach Wally Buono.

Originally joining the club as a free agent in 2005, Pierce went on to start 34 of his 86 career games in the CFL, compiling a mark of 21-12-1. He leaves the Leos ranked seventh on the club's all-time passing list with 8,734 yards and sixth all-time with 692 completions. His career passing efficiency rating of 93.6 is third-best among all Lions quarterbacks behind only Dave Dickenson and Casey Printers.

In 2009, he appeared in 12 of 18 games for the club including the first seven of the season and five consecutive games from September 19th to October 18th. Buck still led the club in passing yards, however, with 2,272 and 10 TD passes including three, 300-yard passing games in 2009, giving him eight for his five-year career.

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Riders Trade QB Dalton Bell

Mississauga - The Toronto Argonauts Football Club acquired QB Dalton Bell from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for a fifth round draft pick in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft. Toronto originally acquired the draft pick from Saskatchewan in the deal that sent import OT Cliff Washburn to the 'Riders.
Bell is a strong-armed quarterback who shattered passing records while playing in the Lone Star Conference for West Texas A&M. While there, he threw for career totals of 7,841 yards, 63 touchdowns and completed 699 of 1044 pass attempts (66.9%). Bell spent the past two seasons on the Saskatchewan Roughriders' practice roster. He's also had stops with the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

Remarked Adam Rita, GM/VP, Football Operations, Toronto Argonauts, "We feel very fortunate to obtain the playing rights of Dalton Bell. He's a young quarterback with a bright future. He is a good candidate to come to Toronto and compete for a quarterback spot."

Just like last year when they should have signed Casey, hopefully this time the team will do what is right.
Regardless of Buck's injury prone state.

If Pierce doesn't want too much money, he could be valuable for the Argos more as a mentor type player, as long as he still can play the game. Sounds like the Argos have a good potential qb in this Bell.

any team who picks up Bucky aka Mr. Glass II, is wasting their money.
what good is a QB who spends all his time at the hospital?

…wrong…doing the ‘right’ thing would be signing him after a thorough medical check that clears him to play, not regardless of it…

Disagree, I would much rather have Pierce as my number 2 behind Jyles in Winnipeg than Lefors.

Odds are Jyles will last most of the season, so if Buck only has to play 2 maybe 3 games, he is worth it. Especially if those are playoff games. Heck, if the Bombers had a Pierce in 2007, they would have likely hoisted the cup.

...all right, maybe you sign him, but if I'm the Owner/GM/Coach IMO he doesnt' even put a helmet on until a team of head injury experts have cleared him to do so...until then he holds a clipboard...

And the alternative for the Argos? Is who, some reject from the US with no CFL experience.

the argos can pay bucky for a full seasons worth of work, but he wont make it past 2 games....so why throw away the cash?
once he's hurt - and he will be - they're gonna have to go find and pay another QB anyways.

It does not cost anything to bring him into camp to see how his health is, plus there are no guaranteed salaries in football.
The only guarantee is after Labour Day.
Regardless, the alternative of the last two years is not acceptable and we cannot go into the season without an experienced CFL QB.
As a season ticket holder of many years, I can tell you around me and overall the natives are restless.
There must be improvement this year and it all starts at the QB position.

I don't think some of you guys undderstand. If Buck goes down unless you put him on the nine game, he get's paid. As much as I like the guy. i think he's like Dickenson, he can't take the rumble anymore.

Argo's have nothing to loose in having a look at Buck.

Get some better "D" than the Lions had last year and he could go the distance.

I think they'll sign him to a basic contract with big bonuses if he can stay healthy and play a certain number of games.

For all his injuries, the guy is a warrior. His play and courage in that Sask game last year was amazing.

Not sure where I read this, but Wally tried to trade Pierce, but there were no takers. Now that he is released, teams can negotiate a new deal. Maybe that will make Pierce more appealing....even for the Argos.

They actually wanted Jackson. But Barker kept saying that he wasn’t willing to mortage the future on a player who has never won anything. You don’t think Wally would stick it to a team that was desperate for a QB do you? (yeah right). I can just imagine how that conversation went: Barker: Hey Wally I need a QB. Wally: I want 2 players plus 3 picks in the Canadian draft. Barker: click.

Anyway, Buck’s available now, and egger’s can’t be choosers as they say.

That's not surprising, considering accepting him in a trade brings you his $300K+ salary too.

Good article from Slam Sports pointing out Buck's upside: http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Fr ... 1-qmi.html

Buck up, Bombers

QB challenged Blue could use Pierce

I could probably encapsulate the essence of today's rant in three words, but since they pay me to write closer to 600, bear with me.

The three words: why not Buck?

The guy I'm talking about: former B.C. Lions quarterback Buck Pierce.

After trying for weeks to trade the guy, Lions boss Wally Buono cut Pierce Tuesday, making him an intriguing free agent in what has been an otherwise dull CFL free-agent period.

The first thing that comes to mind: surely the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are interested.

I know all about Pierce's history of injuries, how he's gone through concussions like underwear and had to be held together with duct tape and binder twine last season.

Pierce's list of injuries in 2009 looked more like the weekly pork specials at the local meat market: shoulder one week, ribs the next.

It was the two-for-one deal on concussions that's most troubling about Pierce's last season with the Leos.

That said, there are more than enough reasons for a quarterback-challenged team like the Bombers to go after him.

[b]Starting with his record as a starter over the last five years: 21-12-1.

That's 19 more victories than Winnipeg's four quarterbacks -- Stefan LeFors, Steven Jyles, Ricky Santos and Adam DeMichele -- have managed in their nine-plus CFL seasons, combined.

If that's not enough, how about Pierce's career efficiency rating of 93.6, behind only Dave Dickenson and Casey Printers in Lions history?

When he plays, he's deadly accurate, never completing less than 60% of his passes in a season. That's a number not even recognizable by Bomber fans last year.

There's another number that makes Pierce worth a look-see. He's only 28, the same age as LeFors and just a year older than Jyles.[/b]

Then there are the intangibles.

Pierce oozes character, carrying a reputation as someone who'll stand up in the locker-room to rally the troops one minute, attempt to run through a 250-pound defender the next.

He quietly waited his turn behind Dickenson in Vancouver, took his demotion to No. 2, behind Jarious Jackson, in stride and didn't say a peep when Buono brought Printers in last season.

So with all this going for him, why couldn't the Lions find a taker on the trade market?

Two reasons: Pierce carried a contract worth around $300,000 per season, and every CFL GM knew the Lions were overstocked at quarterback and would have to release one, eventually.

Why give up something in a trade when you can sit back and wait for the guy to become available?

Now that Pierce is available, with no contract weighing him down, what do the Bombers have to lose?

Yes, there's a risk in signing a player who's injury-prone. But you don't have to throw big-time starter's money at him. An incentive-laden deal based on starts would do just fine.

And if Jyles or LeFors are ready for prime time, as rookie head coach Paul LaPolice and fellow rookie GM Joe Mack appear to believe, then they'll prove it in training camp and Pierce gets cut.

But what if neither Jyles nor LeFors grabs the bull by the horns -- wouldn't a proven winner like Pierce look good as a fallback plan?

If he gets hurt, well, you've still got the two guys you planned to play in the first place.

This just seems obvious.

It's not like there's likely to be a bidding war for Pierce's services. Based on comments from new Toronto coach Jim Barker, the Argos aren't keen on taking the risk. Given their problems at quarterback, that's mind-boggling.

It would be just as puzzling if the Bombers turn away.

So I'll ask it again: why not have the Buck stop here?


The Bombers or Argos would be stupid not to try and sign Buck. If they don't, he'll just end up as an ace-in-the-hole in Sask, Cal or Mtl...further solidifying their dominance over the also-rans.

While there's the obvious injury risk with Buck, a smart team could insist on a club option to assign him to the 9-game injury reserve if he's unable to play, at the discretion of the club. This way his salary wouldn't count against the SMS if injured.

Since Buck got rid of his Jr. High helmet he'd been using for years and starting wearing a modern air-cushioned helmet halfway through last season, he's had no further concussion issues despite hitting his head on the turf several times.

Most of Buck's injuries have occured when he tries to scramble for extra yards in traffic, leaving him vulnerable to a blindside hit. His new team must insist he hook slide or go out of bounds after getting the 1st down; pass the ball more quickly or throw the ball out of bounds rather than risk taking a hit. :thup:

the club would still be paying him if he's on the 9-game disabled list...which he will be on if he plays this season.

why pick up a guy you KNOW your gonna pay and not get his services in return? waste of money.

The Argos have made major mistakes by their inaction and especially the last two years.
The blunder of not claiming Printers last year and I won't even discuss further the disasterous trade for KJ.
Now, not to bring n a five year CFL experience QB who has had some measure of success and especially since the cupboard is bare, well thats stupid.
And you would think Barker would know better as he has been in the league and has lived in Canada for years.
Man I hate to judge him so early, but right now the moves do not make sense and is similar to the Andrus fiasco.