Buck Pierce released

....according to tsn. Buck ran out of luck with Wallys crew....has been officially released.....What da ya think guys?????is he worth a look ....????Maybe for the right dough .. His health is a big concern but you can't say he doesn't have the experience...something we are sorely lacking...He could be worth a look-see :roll:

If he still wants to play, you'd have to think Winnipeg and Toronto would be the teams interested. . . with the Argos being the more desperate team. . .at that position anyway.

yep, it has been reported however that the double blue arn't interested

he would be the cerebral QB that i would want tutoring my youngins...

i wouldnt even mind starting the guy, at lleast you know the QB u are grooming will get significant playing time

....you have a point james....i would hate to see us bring him in for a huge amount of money....his 'worth' has been greatly reduced becasue of his injury problems....BUT he definitely could be a player who could work in tandem with Jyles/LeFors....and also imparting some valuable experience to Santos ....I wouldn't mind seeing all of them at Bombers tc... Our no 1 qb. spot is still very much open, as far as i'm concerned :wink:

You guys need to read up about concussions and what it does to your brain. Is it worth the risk? Helllz no its not worth the risk, there are 2 options with buck pierce, 1.. he gets hit and gets up and 2. he gets hit and he doesnt get up. U really wanna be at that game when he doesnt get back up? Is winning that important to some that u would risk a guy legit dying on the field? is that what people want? hey if we win a grey cup tho, Well u know what, id rather we not risk permanent injury assuming there isnt permanent injury already to the guy. 1 FRIGGIN HIT and he's done, being carted off the field, possibly to the morgue... its not worth the risk at all and if any team signs him, they better make sure he is 100 percent healthy and recovered but my guess is a guy like pierce will never be 100 percent EVER AGAIN. This is how pathetic we have become here in wpg and toronto, the guys had like 100 concusions, his brains mush and he's probably got the characteristics of an 80 year old man with alzheimers or will one day very soon but hey lets bring him in cuz we need a quarterback.

read the wpg free press article about concusions and the affect they have on the person and you'll change your tone on bringing pierce in, if u dont, u truly are a heartless bastard and i dont care if i get in trouble for saying that.

.....NO TEAM is going to risk signing Pierce without a complete and thorough medical....Will that ensure that he will be healthy enough to evade premanent injury???.....Certainly not....but that is up to all parties concerned... :expressionless:It's a risk for everyone, especially to Mr. Pierce...but that would be his decision to continue his career or hang em up if cleared by the football club//

Pierce has concussion problems, shoulder problems, and also knee problems, I believe. He is too beat up to take a flyer on. Buono is not stupid.

The Bombers missed the boat on Printers last year and are liable to do the same thing with Pierce this year. If the guy is medically cleared to play, you sign him and cut one of Lefors or Jyles loose. Hamilton played the situation right last year with Porter and Glenn. It wasn't Porters time last year, you just have to patient with him and have a guy like Glenn who can play right now.

Pierce can fill that same role in Winnipeg behind either Jyles or Lefors. If this franchise makes the same mistake they did last season then it will 21 years and counting for the drought.

Two separate issues here.

One is whether Pierce should continue to play football given his precarious state of health. On that issue, my answer is a resounding no. Nothing is worth jeopardizing your long-term health.

The other issue is: if Pierce decides (foolishly) to keep playing football, should the Bombers take a flier on him? And I say yes. Buck's a grown man, and if he's dumb enough to risk long-term brain damage playing ball, then it's his choice. Taking health away, he's a good QB with plenty of CFL experience. In fact, if you anticipate him getting injured, it's almost the perfect situation for Winnipeg. Bring him in as veteran insurance, or as the de facto starter. Either way, one or more of your backups is almost guaranteed to get playing time this season.

He would probably fit the mentor/backup role that Glenn filled in Hamilton but would he accept that role and the pay cut that would go with it.

One thing to keep in mind regarding Pierce, after his last concussion he did FINALLY switch helmets to the type that is supposed to provide a lot more protection to the head.

guess winning means more to people than a guys health. THats lovely.

If he wants to play and the doctors give him clearance then he should be allowed to play if a team will sign him. IIRC after he switched helmets he took some pretty hard hits including a couple where his head hit the turf and he was okay. It's his life and livelihood which makes it his decision whether to try to continue playing or not.

I'd rather bring him in as QB coach.

As was said in the Star, I really doubt TO is going to pursue Pierce, especially since they just signed former NFL Buffulo Bills QB Gibran Hamdan…

Signing Buck is a risk, obviously, one I'd take if I could get him for say, under 200K...maybe an incentive laden contract...? I don't know...

LaPolice has got to be tempted to bring Pierce in.

.....i don't see a lot of places for Pierce to play other than Wpg.....T.O. is disinterested and Sask. and Cal. seem to want to go in another direction and like the back-ups they have or have neg. listed...Edm. has Maas until he decides to retire..sooooooo if the Bombers want him and Bucky wants to play in the Peg.....i say it's a good fit.....The way it stands now the Bombers DO NOT have a starter in spite of what everyone says or hopes for Jyles and company....IF Pierce passes the medical and wants to still pursue his career....get him on the dotted line Mack/LaPolice...At least it gives us a ray of hope for 2010....failing that...get ready for another repeat of 09....a scenario i'm getting sick and tired of...AND that would apply to more than just a few fans.....We didn't want Printers last year and it cost us...I hope we don't have 'professors' still running this club and someone with common sense sees the light????... :roll: :roll:

There is zero risk bringing him into TC, but a lot of risk not bringing him into TC.

If the Bombers don't sign Pierce, then go 0 and 5 to start the year, Pierce will be "Bishoped" in by a desperate phone call from LaPolice. Do you really want that to happen again in 2010?

only a select fewof fans do, and probably LAPO as well