Buck Pierce re-signs

...Nice to get Buck back for the foreseeable....haven't heard the terms yet BUT it looks like Buck and Elliott for sure..I like that one two punch..What happens to Brink ???? I've heard he may want to test fa AND also that he really likes the hiring of Gary Crowton..Guess we'll know for sure within the next two weeks... :slight_smile:

Let's get that oline shored up for him now, good signing.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Brink.

If he thinks Elliot will take over as #2 again, then he might very well choose to go the f/a route, as he'd have a good shot at being #2 in Regina, Vancouver, or Toronto, as none of those teams have a CFL-experienced #2 at present, and being #2 in one of those cities is preferable to being #3 in Winnipeg.

I remember reading Mack saying realisticly they would sign two of them back. Vancouver is set at #2. Saskatchewan is a definite possibility Toronto likely can't afford it.

Kirk Penton at the Winnipeg Sun tweeted today that Joe Mack said the Bombers are close to re-signing Alex Brink as well.

That's great news for Bomber fans. He looks like a promising QB.

Not so sure there. They released Jackson, so all they have behind Lulay are Mike Reilly and Corey Leonard, neither of whom have CFL experience to speak of. My point was that each of Vancouver, Regina, and Toronto do not have a CFL experienced #2 guy.

Now on the other hand, Brink did look pretty good last season, so perhaps he can retain the #2 spot in Winnipeg over Elliot.

......Brink is very close to re-upping in the Peg, according to Mack....Joe seems to possess some serious negotiating skills, especially if he can get all three on the dotted line....I think the Crowton hiring did it for Brink...He seems to think very highly of the new co-ordinator (as has been stated)..I see them developing quite well under the new hire and the Bombers could be setting themselves up for a 'probable' expansion draft in the future.. :wink:

Good to hear, the way we go through QB's we need all 3.

Indeed, another good sign....ing!