Buck Pierce Played Excellent

The difference in the game in my opinion was Buck not making mistakes early on when the defenses from both teams were crazy good. He just did enough to get some points and not cause any turnovers.

See yah in 19 more years Riders.

He played good, not excellent. He came in and played mistake free football minus the fumble. He needs to do that again against Calgary next week if we want to have a shot at playing in the Grey Cup and our defense has to come out and be that pissed off again and not give up the big plays.

Won't happen again, Pierce doesn't have the talent or durability to win next week and Jackson is simply not a smart enough Qb. Lions can't put to solid games back to back, look for them to lose big next week.

You know, under the circumstances, it would've been REAL EASY for Buck to panic at certain points and really get desperate. Especially with the crowd noise (which he ignored for the most part). But he stood in there and showed some real patience...I'm confident with him behind the helm. Great game Bucky....sore ankle and all - you came to play/win.


Talent? It's not uncommon for him to throw for 400 yards. He doesn't get frazzled under pressure and his composure is one of the things that makes him a great QB.

Durability? He takes a licking and keeps on ticking....

              You do know he was playing hurt today (ankle)?  You didn't did you?  See what I mean?

Buck Pierce is the man!

this is why you say no to crack! Lions have put together a few solid back to backs lol. What they dont do is put 2 stinkers back to back. Confused much?

You forgot to put these after the title of your thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cmon Swervy baby :smiley:

SwervinMervin would respectfully ask that he be addressed as SwervinMervin the Guru from now on.

umm, how about no?

We can agree on that one Wut. Can't you have his BC Lion decoder ring revoked or something?

I wouldnt say he played excellent. He had a good game, but he averaged less than 10 yards/completion, which to me, says a lot about the type of defense the Riders were playing. Im truly suprised that the Lions didnt get more points off of the 7 turnovers as well.

Wish i could lol. While we may go at it like cats and dogs at times at least we dont take it to swerv's level hehe. That fellow is marching to a different drummer

Didnt play excellent but definitely did enough to win. I think the biggest factors were turnovers and Riders not being able to get going at all on O against the BC D.

Yeah. It was good game for the Lions no doubt. Im still a little disappointed, but that will pass eventually.

I am a rider fan, and i am going to admit that Pierce did play very well, espeically with all that noise.

Hes OK he is no Calvillo or Burris thats for sure.

You wont be saying that so freely in a few days lol

I hope not, because that'll mean we won the Western Final against the Stamps.

Why is he going for a sex change? The guy was the man of the game truly. He played well enough to beat a talented Rider defense.