Buck pierce out 6-10 weeks sperated shoulder

Heard today on 1040 buck pierce out 6-10 weeks, with his seperated shoulder, lions are doomed there goes any chance of them repeting as champions.DD will not be back at least another month and JJ well we all know he is not a starter, so were are they going to find another quaterback with DD and Buck Pierce's experience and talent? they are in trouble.

And the rest of the league cheers. Kinda sucks but not suprising the way he hit the ground with dude on him.

Bad news for the Leos, what with DD already out longterm.......

So what do you think Wally will do? Go with Jackson and have two raw rookies backing him up (Guidugli and some new guy to be signed) or try to swing a trade in order to get someone with at least some CFL experience?

If the latter, while you usually don't trade within the division, especially at QB, the pickings are rather slim; Edmonton's 2 backups don't have much CFL experience, and Calgary's have none at all but for Smith a few plays this year. Crandell in Saskatchewan might be available for the right price.

Out east Toronto has their own problems with injured QBs; Hamilton might move Maas if they think Chang's ready; Montreal might be willing to part with Brady or Banks; Winnipeg's only backup with CFL experience is Dimwittie, and he looked atrocious last year.

However, you'd have to figure every team, knowing the Leos to be a bit desperate, are going to jack up the price.........

Nobody's going to cut B.C. any slack here considering that the Lions' no. 2 QB could easily be a starter on any other team. If Buono wants QB help, he's going to have to pay for it.

Lets try Geroy Simon at Q.B., I'm sure a guy with that talent could do well at any position.Next game go with Jarious, who deserves another shot,and if he stumbles throw in Geroy.

Brett Anderson...Canadian QB! LOL

Good thinkin on that , but perhaps you need a tough dude in there so we don't get anymore Q.B. injuries . I say throw in Tyrone Williams he's a freakin tank and defenders will just bounce off of him.Come on .... we gotta start thinkin outside the box.

Updated on CKNW noon sports, Pierce will be back In Montreal in three weeks.

Ouch that su-cks the bucky will be missing in action.

Thanks for the update Sport, havent' had a chance to watch news in a while.