Buck Pierce on Trading Block!(reports CJOB)


Apparently CJOB has reported that Buck Pierce is on the Lions trading block, and that the Bluebombers are interested.

I didn't have the time to listen, but according to Blue Fan at 13thman, the talk of Buck Pierce is in the first 10-15 mins of this radio station recording.

[url=http://www.cjob.com/dynamic/dynamic_audiovault_process.aspx?dt=20070109_19]http://www.cjob.com/dynamic/dynamic_aud ... 0070109_19[/url]

Hard to believe this as all teams now a days require two very good QB's. Plus, Wally just signed Buck to a 3 year contract.
Mind you though, they do have great depth at the QB position.

wallys dumb if he keeps dickenson and trades buck...it should be the other way around.

buck is younger, cheaper, and dave is very injury prone....trading dave and keeping buck makes cap space.

but then again, wally is 'married' to dickenson.

I just think it is the media making waves.........again.

I do however agree with DG. If I was to keep one, it would be Pierce!

I'd be surprised if the Lions didn't cash in on at least Jackson or Pierce either before or in the early part of next season. When you have lots of talent at a position like QB, sometimes it is better to shore up any other positions that may be lacking through a trade, rather than hanging on to more than likely uneeded players(with a very short amount of playing time- like Jackson).

Sorry about the run-on.

I still like DD, even though he is injury prone. For my money, he is only what 33 and has 5+ years left in him if no more serious injury. He is the best in the league.

5 years left ( altho, dave says he has a couple years left ) and only 9 games per season, and being paid $400,000 per year…

i’d pass and take buck pierce at $200,000 per year.

Except though DD won the Grey Cup this year and not Buck.

dave wasnt anything special in that game....it was the kicker and defence who won it.

buck moved the ball during the game aswell.

take a look at how many games dave has missed every season....and im 100% sure he will miss atleast 5 games again in '07.

why take a guy who has 2 years left, misses tons of games every season and get paid $400K per season OVER a guy who moves the ball just as well, gets paid half as much and is alot younger?!?!

I know what if DD was available instead of the rumours involving Buck, the Argos should grab either one in a trade.
We desperately need a first stringer for this our GC year.

DD would be a band-aid solution for the argos..cuz they'd be in the exact same situation in 2 years.

but they might need the band-aid for this season, to get to thier own grey cup.

as someone who regularly attends argo games, i hope the argos dont get DD...or i will be attending alot more ticat games next season.

Still, it looks like Bishop is the best of a poor lot.

this is a very interesting listen...( gotta skip ahead to around the 10 min mark b4 coach berry gets on the show....but his take on the new cap is interesting.

I wouldn’t put any stock in this rumour. No word of any of it on the local stations ( and they love stirring the pot!)and it doesn’t make much sense anyways, considering Buck signed an extension and is being groomed for the starting role. Here in Vancouver the current Lion stories are: Clermont wants an extension, an O coordinator is expected to be named soon and something about a roof collapsing.

What a load of crock. Here's a wrench to throw into this poor speculation ; Wally Bouno doesn't do trades , can anyone point out the last trade he made?? Ok , he let Wynn go but that's only because he had more QB's than he could keep. And that was to make space for the three we got now . But that was for draft picks ,not other teams players . Pierce , Jackson and Dickenson will all be back in BC next year , no need to get rid of any of them. A contract extension has already been given out to Pierce.

did u listen to the radio show that is posted here?...bomber coach, doug berry, says buck is on the trade block.

No , but i just looked at the thread on 13thman and also one about it on Lionbackers.com . So yes it sounds like Berry said that but maybe go have a look at the discussion on Lionbackers about it. Some good points to consider there. I still say it won't happen . Wally b just barely got back from a month long vacation in Hawaii , i find it hard to see the first thing he does is try and trade away his soon to be #1 QB . I would wouldn't trade Pierce for the entire Bomber team . Can't think of hardly anyone from over there who could even crack the Lions roster.

There's also been (very quiet) rumours about Dickenson wanting to come back to Calgary. I think he has a place here, and I think his wife is from Calgary, too.

I'd take either one of them right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Dickenson may be fragile, but I still consider him the best QB in the league. He did lead the Lions to the Grey Cup. McCallum may have scored most of the points, but it was up to Dickenson to get them into scoring position. Yes he's pricey, but if you get a good enough O-line to protect him, he'll be fine, really. I wouldn't say it's 100% certain he'll miss at least 5 games next year!!

I'd take him over Burris in a heartbeat!

Wow, I would take Pierce as my starting qb in a second. Maybe he wants a real crack at a starting position this year and Wally isn't going to committ to this, obviously with DD there. Interesting to see how this develops.

Don't forget that Dickensons brother is an assistant coach in Calgary.

I think this is a record, a player is rumoured to be available and we are into the second page and nobodies claiming he's going to Toronto.

My own take is that Pierce isn't as good as his record indicates. He may well prove me wrong but I think now that defences have a book on him, he will end his career as a capable back-up but not a starter.