Buck Pierce not Playing in Pre Season Game vs Ticats !!!!!!!

Buck Pierce should not be a player in the CFL. a QB coach, perhaps, but not a player.

i hear casey printers is still available... :cowboy:

The whole off season they even refused to confirm he would be invited to camp and then they got scooped by Edmonton with Reilly and they realized they had nothing else.

they had more options than just GlassBuck;

trade for Glenn

all would be better choices than the glass wonder.

seriously, i'd take bishop or printers over buck. that's how bad their situation is.

Printers has been out of football for years now. You can't really call that an option. I believe they made an offer to Porter.

maybe a few years away from football is what is best for printers. he's still young. the time away would have healed those nagging injuries he kept playing through. perhaps improved his attidude ( although, i never thought he had an unwarranted attitude problem ).
is he not playing football anywhere?
if he's still in game shape, why not call him? he'd probably be dirt cheap now. $125,000 base plus incentives?
they could bring him in as a back-up right now. fairly low-risk at low cost to see if he's still got it during practice, and when buck goes down, if he's been performing better than goltz, then it could be an option.

yes to all of the above as well HfxTC.

Just conveying what KG has had to overcome in order to become an admirable pro QB in this league including longevity.

Glenn could still be a capable starter for Winnipeg, although would be a difficult resolve for the pride of Bomber brass after unceremoniously releasing him in 2009.

Played in the Indoor Football league in 2012, lost his spot to Marcus Jackson !

Buck Pierce is a competitor, there is zero questions about the guy's heart. The problem though is he is damaged goods at this point. I'm sorry, but he's taken multiple concussions and sustained multiple shoulder injuries. I'm not saying he can't play the game and can't keep playing it, it's that you can't run a damaged QB as your starter with an unproven set of backups. It's a recipe for disaster. It's a proven fact that sustaining a concussion makes you not only more prone to future concussions, but also greatly increases your recovery time from a concussion. I honestly hope he has a talking with Matt Dunnigan because I get the feeling he's going to have similar issues after his Football career.

Anyways, because of this Winnipeg desperately needed to bring in a backup QB, if not a replacement QB for Buck. The should have kept one of their existing QBs who had flashes of brilliance last year, in Alex Brink and Joey Elliot (who is now on BC). They didn't. The Bombers should have pursued Adrian MacPherson and made him starting with Buck to bail him out as needed. Didn't happen either. I don't fault them for not trying to snag Kevin Glenn, I'm sure there are a lot of fans who were left with a bad taste in their mouth from him and KG probably likes his playoff chances more with the Stamps then the Bombers. They could have tried to sign Jyles again, but they didn't.

So where does that leave the team? Scrambling through NCAA/Free Agents to find someone for the job and now that they are down to one pre-season game. They need to use every series possible to try to find that someone.

I don't think the Bombers want this to happen !!


or this !


This is a great commercial !


It's interesting to see how similar they are. Both players came from the same place in the formation. Both hit Pierce in the same way. Like one team saw the game film of the other and borrowed the idea.

Or the same guy missed his blocking assignment in the same way...


You're right. It was the same guy, Glen January 69.

and ironically an all star in 2011 and 2012.

Needless to say, those clips weren't used as evidence....LOL