Buck Pierce not Playing in Pre Season Game vs Ticats !!!!!!!

Pierce, who won't be playing at all in Hamilton, ran only three series Wednesday, failed to complete a pass and almost got sacked before he was yanked. Keeping him healthy is one of the top priorities of the Bombers this season.

He says he also got a little talking to from offensive co-ordinator Gary Crowton for running the ball on his first play.

"He said, 'Buck, what are you doing? That's the first play of the pre-season and we're doing everything to protect you and you're doing that?"'

Pierce said he apologized.


This is a surprise, usually you want your starters ready to go for the first regular season game ! I guess Buck took a hit in the first Pre season game and looked a little shaken up !


I think having Buck Pierce as their number one going into this season is a mistake. He's injury prone and not very effective as a quarterback. What got the Bombers into the Grey Cup that year was Burke's defense. Their offense that year was near the bottom in most categories.

They should spend their efforts and playing time developing one of their backups to be the starter and keep Pierce as insurance and a mentor for them. If he's not happy with that then release him. I seriously doubt other teams in this league would pick him up as a number one.

Buck has had his shot. It's time to put the team and the fans first, and his ego second.

I think the Bombers don't want to take any chances with the first game at IGF, that would be devastating if Buck wasn't playing at IGF the first game !! that is their Grey Cup this year :lol:

Based on his health history as a player, Grey cup or not, if they seriously think that Pierce will even be healthy by that time in the season, I think, they're kidding themselves.

Injuries aside, he's not likely to be effective enough to take them there.

I think the Bombers wanted to avoid the introduction, Buck Pierce meet Jamall Johnson and friends. :wink: :thup:

They don't have a choice. Hard to believe Crowton lifted his nose on Mcpherson and Glenn. They will clean house in Winnipeg by labour day.

The fact that they could have brought in McPherson or Glenn means to me that they had a choice and still stuck with Pierce. Glenn had a very good record last year even got them to the Cup game, and took this team to the eastern final the season before. He’s proven that he can get it done and remain healthy should have been a big step up for the BB’s.

The Bombers’ management put themselves in the box that they’re in. Hard to feel sorry for stubborness and foolishness.

Crowton’s offensive designs are hardly anything to crow about. He’s not in a position to lift his nose to anyone!!!

Look at it this way. Joe Mack has fired absolutely everyone of consequence in that organization. Wally said the wrong guy gut fired when he fired Lapolice 12 weeks into a 3 year contract and he’s seldom wrong. We’ll soon find out. :wink:

I was not a fan of LaPolice. He failed to control his players, and he allowed his OC to take the fall the season before when it was said that he, himself, was doing the playcalling.

I agree, Hfxtc, that Joe Mack has slid under the radar for too long. He should have been gone when LaPolice departed.

I would never argue with Wally's wisdom or knowledge. Besides, I'm sure he's privy to a lot more inside information than we will ever know!!!

First off, unless theres a battle for the starting spot (ahem edm) it seems like the trend is actual starting QBs are only going to be played at home in the preseason. which makes sense, why reward the other teams home fans with your stars when they really don't need the reps.

Not surprised bucks not playing this week at all

secondly, Glenn always has a very good record, but still has no arm, and gets shaken up mentally very easily (possibly because he doesn't have the physical tools to dig himself out of any holes that his constant INTs cause.) and gives me zero faith in comeback situations. Not a viable full season option in pre season... lovely emergency replacement tho

I think a Glenn/Mcpherson combination would have been a huge upgrade for the bombers. Glenn managed to get his team to the Grey Cup twice both underdogs btw. Is he an elite QB in this league? No but he makes a team competitive. Pierce won’t last five games and then their backups have a total of one half of CFL football experience.

Yes, I agree that Glenn got rattled enough times and his arm strength wasn't his greatest asset. In Hamilton, he also had a porous offensive line to deal with and an inexperienced OC. The entire team was up and down like a yo yo that year, he was hardly the one to blame.

His fortunes improved with Dickenson as his Co-ordinator with the Stampeders.

Still, with all his limitations, Glenn walked into Calgary, and in his first season there got them to a Grey cup. In Hamilton, brought them to an eastern semi-final in all his 3 years as a starter there. Pretty good for someone with a shaky resolve and a weak arm.

Meanwhile, Buck Pierce is not much help when he's sitting on the bench and not sure what day it is.

McPherson i thought was a legitimate option, you've got growth potential there and, if you'll forgive the baseball terminology, all the right "tools"

would he sign is the question. it's all well and good to say bring in X, but does X want to be there (especially in a defacto backup role.) why leave a spot where you're next in line on a good team already for winnipeg?

kinda surprised Edmonton didn't take a better run at him actually.

and again we'll go back to the last two grey cups as far as glenn vs buck goes:

Winnipeg had a chance late, because Buck has and arm (and Lapolice finally got all the sand out of his giant V with 6 minutes left to go in the game)

Calgary got dominated (looked that way to me) because Glenn couldn't make plays, and when they were down there was no hope left TO didn't have to play it safe and respect his arm, because it was never a factor.

I'm sure McPherson would have signed with the Bombers if they provided him with a legitimate shot at the starting position, but then who of any experience would have gone there as long as they promised the job outright to Pierce.

The Eskimos had their eye on Reilly the whole time, so I doubt McPherson was even being considered.

Calgary got dominated because of Chris Jones' defense. As I recall, Ray had his problems earlier in the game too. But Jones not only had Glenn fooled, but also confounded Dickenson. There were dropped passes and some poor O lone play. The entire Stamps team did NOT bring their A game that day.

oldfan wrote: Still, with all his limitations, Glenn walked into Calgary, and in his first season there got them to a Grey cup. In Hamilton, brought them to an eastern semi-final in all his 3 years as a starter there. Pretty good for someone with a shaky resolve and a weak arm.
true OF.

Glenn is an anomaly wrapped in an enigma.

Unassuming athletically speaking, with a weak arm, short stature, lack of mobility/agility, prone to pressure and critical INT's, and yet has amassed impressive career stats, currently sitting in the top 10-12 spots in all-time CFL passing categories, and just turned 34 years of age. (Happy Birthday KG!)

Glenn has overcome numerous obstacles, including little respect, to achieve what many GM's and fans thought improbable.
(including me)

I was not one of Kevin Glenn's biggest fans while he was In Hamilton. I offered my share of criticism towards his efforts.

However, I believe he deserves some respect for the results he has brought to teams over his career.

Hfxtc, is right. He did get Winnipeg to a Grey cup too.

Let's be fair if your going to toss the negatives. Highly intelligent, tough as nails, good timing and experienced, well respected by his teammates.

Glenn made the team better. Glenn did everything he could but there's just some things about his play that cant be overcome. Showed it when he was here, showed it in the Grey Cup.

But he only played in one Grey Cup game and lost to a better Toronto team. Look at Burris last year. Played some very good football but the team could not win because of its defense. You can't win without a good QB but you need more than that to win a championship. I would not be surprised if Glenn was the starter again at some point this year in Calgary.

Mcpherson was scheduled to workout in Edmonton but they managed to sign Reilly and that ended that...He was their second option.