Buck Pierce Not Coming To Town

Judging by the quote frpm LaPo it seems like Bucky is not coming to Winnipeg due to his injury's, also stated in the story that the BC Doctors have "TOLD BUCKY TO RETIRE", no one will be touching Buck now after that statement.

…AND if by chance, someone else signs him and he performs at a high level…man am i going to be one po’d fan… :roll:

Except maybe Toronto :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Rita will think he'll be getting a deal! :lol: :lol:

Don’t sweat it Papa, i don’t think Buck will be playing anywhere this season unless his agent and Him say he is healthy, and if that’s the case than his agent has no heart, doesn’t care, it’s all about the money. BC medical staff TOLD BUCKY that he should stop playing, that means that his concussions are worse than he or his agent is saying. If someone wanted Bucky I AM SURE they would’ve signed him by now!

those head problems are tricky, if thats a legit quote from the bc doctors its tough to see bucky get another chance anywhere at this point. tough go for a good kid.

as far as this affecting the bombers... the coaching staff/management had planned on going into the season with what we currently have, buck was just an after thought when he was released.. i guess now all we can do is wait and see how our guys pan out and if the bombers made a good decision with the route they took, as far as whats available i think they did about all they can... heres hopin!

maan this isnt even about winning or signing buck, this is about the guys health for gods sake, is winning that important to ppl that ud risk a guy dying on our field? like seriously...

ppl on ob.com say this is similar to printers last year... no its not, this is about this guys health.. his health is most important, football is just a sport and honestly if we did sign him it doesnt mean he'd be any better than jyles lefors santos or dimichele, u just dont know and to say otherwise is just being an ignorant jerk off really.

i dunno. i wouldnt risk the guys life just to get a couple more wins than we would with jyles or the above mentioned guys. its about developing a qb, buck is injured. the guys a risk.

how would u feel if the guy got hit and died on the field?

if any team signs him and they wont, they are stupid

Suddenly Bomber fans are doctors.

The only question you should be asking is, can Buck win you games?

Pierce's health is his call. If he wants to play, and he is better than what you have, sign him, and put him in an offence that protects him.

were not doctors... but if the bc medical staff said he shouldnt be playing... then he probably shouldnt be playing. noone wants to see him seriously injured. i think out of professional courtesy most teams will take the word of the bc trainers... if any team has interest in buck, it will only be after their docs have evaluated him and have said he is of no risk of a repeat serious head injury... which doesnt sound like its the case... football is a game. head injuries are not a game you play with... at least i hope not at this point

I agree with you 100% killer, i think any team that may potentially sign him should be shot, (figuratly speaking) and we will pass on Bucky due to the fact that we do not want to be known as the team that signed him if he gets seriously injured and possibly killed, bad PR if that should happen and i believe every other team is thinking the same or he would have signed on with a CFL club already.

This may be just a rumour but i am trying to find it but apparently if Buck doesn't make an NFL club, his agent apparently stated Bucky will be retiring to pursue a coaching position and will not pursue playing in the CFL anymore. If i can find the proper link i will post it. Apparently Buck has had conversations with Dave Dickenson on the concussion matter and we all know what happened when DD tried to play again he lasted 1 quarter before being knocked out again.

There have been a number of players in different sports who had to retire because of concussion problems but, I can't think of one who died ?

I think some of you are taking this a little too far.

somebody will die, its gonna happen, PROBABLY in the NHL... lots of wrestlers deaths are related to constant head shots, concussions mess up your brain man, its not like a broken finger or a busted leg, its your brain.

sure maybe noone has died but the players are bigger stronger faster these days and eventually whethere it be nhl,nfl,cfl.. it will happen.

If anyone is going to die from a concussion I would think boxing or one of those types of sports would be where it happens first.

noone will die from getting a concusion thats for sure but u know if they hit their head hard enough.. generally from another guy slamming them into the turf might.

It is a touchy subject that's for sure, even down right scary already. I am not saying that Buck would die if he played again, i just stated the risks that go with concussions and death is one of those risks, it has not happened yet and hopefully never does. Saying that, athletes also have families and concussions are a major factor in many seriou brain disorder's and if not death, the second worst would be a player becoming a vegtable, no one's family needs or deserves this. It is a HUGE risk for any player and the families and that should be on every single persons mind when considering signing a player knowing the risks are there!!

On In Two, you are pretty heartless man stating that if the player helps the team win, sign him. That is the worst post i have ever read from you, so you think a team should sign Bucky knowing that you are cosistantly putting him at risk for paralysis and possibly death, that is sad man when you put winning before someone's life and well being!!!

No one has ever died DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY from taking a head shot, but there are numerous athletes from the NHL, NFL, CFL, NBA, WBA ETC. that permenantly suffer severe post concussion syndrome every single day and they may not be dead or paralyzed, there life is seriously affected, i have a nephew who is only 22 years old, has had 6 or 7 concussions from plaing hockey and i see him suffer every time i see him, he has a hard time doing a simple daily task that we all take for granted, i would not wish this upon my worst enemy, it is sad that people would actually risk another persons life for the sake of winning or money!!

Concussions even of the mildest nature is dangerous and should not be overlooked by any human being with a heart, i love hockey but have vowed to never watch another hockey game until this crap comes to a stop, same goes for my kids, i never want to turn on the TV with my kids and see a player laying on the ice dead and it is due to happen unfortunatly, maybe not in the CFL but NHL AND NFL are high risk leagues, which brings me to my last point.!!!

It is pretty bad when i vow to never watch a hockey game again until this crap is dealt with beyond a stupid 5 minute penalty and short suspensions and In any sport i strongly believe that these dirty hits are going way to far, why? they are all rich, spoiled men who know they can get away with it (to a point). If i blindsided someone on the street, i would be arrested and charged with assault at the ver least, so why do athletes get special treatment? Just because you're an athlete you think you are above tha law and it makes me sick, they should be arrested, charged and tried in court just like a normal person such as you and me, we could be charged with assault possibly attempted murder or manslaughter if it happened on the street, because these athletes do it on the ice doesn't mean they should be immune from the law and should not get special treatment because of there status as an athlete. 5 minute penalty and a game misconduct and short suspension is hardly justice for the victims and there families, they are human like you and I and should face the same penalty that you or i would face in court, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

totally agree like 100000 percent with everything you said there man.

the hockey stuff is scary stuff, these head shots, anyone see those youtube videos of that guy spazzing out on the ice after being elbowed by the captain of the candian junior hokey team or whatever. that was ridiculous and if u like watching that kind of crap thats disturbing for sure. imagine that was you lying on the ice or in bucks case, on the field, spazzing out, like jesus. i cringe when i see these hits, i used to play hockey. was a goalie and actualyl got a couple of concusions. actually 3 in total and trust me, whats brutal with a concussion or a head injury is once u get one, like just hitting your head sometimes lightly makes you feel pretty crappy.

the more you get the crappier u feel. headaches are like normal and just its ridiculous. i never got hammered on a cheap shot tho, these were fluke injuries and now a days, its not about playing hockey or finishing your check or any of that, its about hurting the other guy and if u watch all these videos and then afterwards they all say the same crap.. never meant to do it, we're buddies, calling him this, calling him that.. seabrook the other day? the guy who hit em was like... he's my friend, i never meant to hurt hm, i never meant to do this crap.. its such bs and i agree that if u or i even got into a damn fight on the street we'd be spending more than 5 mins in the "penalty box". its ridiculous.

gotta say tho, football isnt too bad for ridiculous violence like that, they generally dont have bench clearing brawls and in football u dont have sticks and cant hit people into unforgiving boards and stuff but uhh yeah... not good in hockey at all.