Buck Pierce no longer gives Bombers best chance to win

A statement that drives me crazy "Buck gives us the best chance to win" and after 4 games this year I hope that the coaches finally figured that out.
Goltz coming from a DIII school makes me a little skeptical if he is the guy but I am confident that Pierce is not. What Goltz will have going for him is the familiarity with Receivers Etienne and kohlert who have spent time running scout team for the Bombers over the past few years.
If Mathews can play this week he will also be glad to see Goltz, who he worked out with in the off season not Pierce.
Pierce has been able to do what bogh Elliot and Brink were last year and that was put the ball in a place where the big Mathews can make the catch.
A big test will be to see if he can get his timing down with Denmark in hitting the speedy WR depp getting behind the defense. Pierce was able to do it twice in the first game and just once in game 4 before leaving. He also had a very underthrown ball that ended up being an INT.
In between it appeared that Denmark was the target of coach Tim Burke for his play at WR which was most likley unjust as that should have fallen on the QB which I hope has become clear with that INT in which both coaches said was the turning point in the game

Goltz has a great arm, he's bigger, younger, (more durable), has a faster release, runs better. Only edge Pierce has is experience.

I agree - that phrase does not hold any merit whatsoever.

Buck’s record has been less than spectacular! Most of his wins in Winnipeg have been on the backs of the defense. His TD/INT ratio has been terrible here in Winnipeg, and his rating is never anything to write home about. And that doesn’t even touch on the injury problems which leads to a lack of confidence and growth in the locker room.

Time to move on!

Do you remember after that hot start in 2011 his agent wanted to get a long term contract paying him like the elite in the CFL? This start has hurt us for a long time, people think he is still capable of big games. When was the last time he had a great offensive output?
There was that stat on TSN I think during the Hamilton/WPG game where Dunnigan (I think) listed the most important qualities of a QB. Smarts was first, and Buck just doesn't have that. Arm strength & accuracy, again Buck is weak here. Compete level was last - Buck has this in spades.
I was shocked when we brought him back this year and dumped Brink/Elliott, but this is what we have so what can you do? It's time to ride a young QB and let Goltz show if he can do a decent job.

To soon to tell. He wasn't all that fast and looked lost at times vs Toronto. Need to wait 5 or 6 games and see what we have !

The statement is only true so far as he's the only QB on the roster who's ever won a game. Goltz has a chance to change that this week. Keep the mistakes to a minimum and take care of the ball, no 4 INTs like Elliott had last year. Having Edwards back will help. Hope that Crowton's gameplanning and playcalling doesn't hold him up though.

I remember that start, but my memory is different from everyone else's :slight_smile:

I hated the term "swaggerville" but THAT is the main reason we won most of those games at the beginning of 2011. Where I will give Buck credit during this time - is that he protected the ball better than he usually does. Don't get me wrong - at the beginning of that year the team was playing as a team and getting it done, but as soon as the defense started to look human - they only won 3 of the last 10.

Oh, I agree very much with that. But that stretch was his best as a Bomber, he did put up decent #'s and that was why his agent wanted a new contract.

Last year they had two QBs that had won games and still the saying was "Buck gives us the best chance to win" That was very untrue last year.

Exactly that is why it is such a mystery why they would go to all of this trouble for him. Both Brink and Elliot came from NCAA programs where their compete level was very high and both showed signs of that in the CFL.
Goltz has arm strength but the rest is a mystery right now. After screwing with Brink and Elliot understandable to get a clean slate and Max Hall was the choice. Coming out of BYU he has the Compete part, Arm strength, Accuracy is something that you can not find out until you play. Pierce has a failing grade on the first two and as for the compete part he does not look like he has that anymore. So for the Dunnigan factors Buck fails in all 3 categories now. So this should be the end for him

13-5 record or something like that when Buck starts and finishes a game. I just don't see how he wins, I feel he is a terrible QB, and now he's crying about being demoted. Just make sure you don't strain your arm holding the clip board GLASS :smiley:

That record looks great at first look but when you consider that i think 7, correct me if i am off a bit, wins came during the first half of the 2011 season.
So as they say his overall body of work was terrible

told you that in my prior posts :cowboy:

too bad goltz can't throw

Goltz may or may not be the guy of the future but he definitely is much more exciting to watch.
One thing that may have been overlooked is how well they executed the draw play. The DE were way out of the play and Simpson can pop though the hole fast and is strong enough to break tackles or even drag some defenders with him for a couple of yards.

If Goltz could ever learn to throw accurately from the run, he'd amount to something. But from what I have seen so far, he's threat to run off the option which has helped Simpson but until he can also throw off the run, teams will just commit to shutting down the run and snuffing them out. The Bombers offense has just disappeared in the second half of games all year as defences adjust and Crowton has yet to figure it out.

I think a lot has to do with a very small playbook that was put in for the Buck pierce Max protection scheme. Now that Goltz has taken over the base of the playbook still is the Buck Max protection plus the package of plays that had been but in for Goltz and that is exactly what it looked like too.
You can see when they were using the Buck Max protect with short routes and quick throws and then you could see the limited package that was installed for Goltz when he was the back up short yardage guy. Some read option and wild cat stuff.
It was mentioned by Doug Brown that it does appear like they do not have anything else to adjust too.
Coming off a two week break with a bye. i think we will see a bigger playbook that will at least have more than 2 quarters worth of plays and continue to build it each week.
My one guess is that we will see a lot more for Mathews to do in using his big frame and Goltz getting the ball up to where only he can make the catch over a smaller DB.

Kohlert running Watson's spot got the ball from the Max Protect package but should see more from etienne as he and goltz have been riing the pines for twoyears together before now

This is something I have to agree with 100%.

I only agree 50% as the offense in half the games didn't really show up much in the first half. Can't disappear in the second half of games if it didn't show up in the first half :wink:.