Buck Pierce is a Warrior

Wow, Buck Pierce surprised me big time last night. After the egg he laid last week and the shots he took last week he sure battled back big time. Edmonton hit him hard numerous times and he got back up each time and eventually took over the game. Most guys would have been carried off the field and have been done for the night. I'm impressed and I think the Lions got it going on big time now. 6 of the last 7 baby! Peaking at the right time of year. It looks like the Grey cup will come down to BC versus Montreal. Calgary represents a speed bump on the road to Montreal but we can handle it.

Ya he got up a lot more then he should have which was nice to see himself picking himself up off the turf but he took way to many shots.

Secondary has been picked apart by anyone that can throw and has game changing offensive weapons. Edmonton and Calgary would scare me in the playoffs. Like rock paper sisscors. B.C. beats Sask, but loses to Calgary and Edmonton. At least the way I see it playing out, unless the secondary steps it up big time.

I disagree. I think the Lions have been holding back trying to win with a four man rush and when quarterbacks in this league have time they can go deep because coverage almost always falls apart after 4 or 5 steamboats. In the playoffs they can always step it up and blitz like crazy to not allow time for coverage breakdown. Wally is smart and knows that you don't show all of your cards in the regular season. We have how many sacks with a predomently 4 man rush? Wait until the pressure is on the line and the defense starts showing new blitz schemes.

Que in the jeopardy music!

Buck Pierce had an exceptional game last night, but if he takes more shots like the ones he took in the last two weeks, he may not make it to the playoffs. The Lion Oline has to do a better job of protection.

I have to say Buck is getting better each game in.

...lets see...at the end of the game he couldn't walk....was holding his bad shoulder...and he looked generally like he was run over by a semi.....yup....a warrior and he deserved that watch...tough way to get one though.. :lol:

Gotta love a QB that takes the blame for a poor performance last week and comes back with a monster game. From the start, I knew Buck was the starter but he does take a lot of hits and could come back to hurt him. Hopefully he's tough enough to make it through the season. I wouldn't be as confident with JJ taking us to the cup. Maybe it's just me but it seems like Buck gets more cheap shots than any other QB.

Thats right. No injury excuses, no whining, just Buck the man taking it to the house.

What injury excuss would he use if he was not injured Swervin? He did play like a warrier though.

He did, Buck played a very impressive game yesterday.

I was also impressed with the discipline by the Leos last night. Even with the late hits on Buck, they kept their cool and let the refs handle the penalties. Wally must have had a major talking to with the guys this week.

Barack Obama/Buck Pierce 2008!

I always knew Buck would be the QB of the future for the Lions. The guy has so many good points.

Mentored by Dickenson, he plays like a young Dav out there.
Incredible heart. He never whines, makes excuses, or gets frustrated if he has a bad game.
Great field vision. This comes from Dickenson I think.

We need to get him better protection though. Otherwise he will be another DD in more ways than one. I'm not sure what's wrong with our o-line lately, they just can't seem to stop that extra attacker.