Buck Pierce interview

...Just read a piece in the Free Press,that Pierce just did with Paul Wiecek...What a positive guy Buck is for this organization. He's prepared to do whatever it takes to make a difference on the club. I don't know if he'll be the starter but with the kind of attitude that he has, he's sure going to get another shot. IF only he could physically hang together (I know sounds bad, but it is what it is) we would have a qb. that would rank right up there with the best in this league. You can't help but get caught-up in the positive, warrior-like outlook he has. It has to be infectious for the rest of the team and I'm sure if there were anyway they could keep him healthy, it would get done..I still want to see some quality competition brought into tc. for qb. but for now. I still see Buck as No. 1 till someone can prove they're better. Tough situtation for the team BUT I don't know if we could possibly NOT go to war without Pierce in some capacity. Great guy to have....AND no, I'm not his dad :lol:

I agree and I'm not his Mom. :wink: :lol:

LOL, I’m not related either.

I don’t believe anyone questions Buck’s attitude, desire, or work ethic. He’s like Dunigan in those respects, and Dunigan was one fine CFL QB.

But, if (the biggest if of course) he could stay healthy, would he be as good as Dunigan was ? I remain to be convinced.

I believe a healthy Buck Pierce is a good QB. … I wouldn’t say a healthy Buck Pierced is a great QB.

But he’s better than a lot of other QBs who have passed through Winnipeg in the recent past. . .

In the east, however, he’s up against Calvillo, Ray, and Burris. A healthy Buck Pierce doesn’t approach a Calvillo or a Ray level; nor Burris on one of Hank’s good days (although I’ll grant you a healthy Buck Pierce beats out bad Hank).

So, that said, while I think we can all like and admire Buck Pierce as a person, the fact is he just can’t stay healthy and even when he is healthy he’s outmatched by the other QBs in the division, so I don’t see him leading the Bombers to a Grey Cup victory; I think the Bombers should be seeking new blood at the QB position sooner rather than later. If Buck remains the starter, I think the team will continue to be outmatched by the competition.

It sure is tough to see a real nice guy get beaten up so often. A good chunk of the blame has to go to the guy who did not provide Buck with the protection he needs. Buck's Oline did not do him any favours.

If we go into this year with the same line I would prefer Buck move to a coaching position. I don't like the thought of going into the season without a good QB but I would take it instead of seeing a guy sent to coucouville.

Well we still have three months and three days to get it worked out.

I think you hit the nail on the head when they bought Pierce in they saw him as a QB that could lead nim to a Grey Cup victory. After three season that is no longer the case so they need to look elswhere same as BC did when they let him go to Winnipeg and Lulay was given a chance as the starter through a whole training camp as well as giving him a chance to work through a bad start.
With Pierce their no QB will ever be given that chance one bad snap and everyone will be calling for Buck.

There is no question that Buck has heart. However - and this is huge - one of these times, he is going to take a hit to the head and not get back up off the turf. As was previously mentioned, he is a good QB. The best that the Bombers have right now. But that doesn't make him 'elite' in the East Division, let alone the CFL as a whole. That being said, the question that remains is this: is the risk to Buck's long-term health worth the advantages he brings to the field? Remember - he only finished 3 of the games he started last year. For what it's worth, my personal opinion is that Buck be retired from playing, and brought in as a QB coach (take that title away from Crowton) or an offensive assistant to sit with Crowton up in the booth during games. It looked like that duo was working up there last year, and could prove to give Crowton the CFL-experienced sounding board he needs to better learn the Canadian game.

No argument from me. But these are the things which endear him to the coaches, management, and other players on the roster, why the team played with much more confidence when Buck was in than when someone else would come in. That gutsiness team first work your butt off attitude isn't what Elliott brought to the table. The team needs someone to step up and offer those things so they can finally move past Buck and move him into a mentorship/coaching role.