Buck Pierce Injury

Looks like Buck might be out for the season according to article on CFL website. Like article says, if it weren't for bad luck, Buck wouldn't have any luck at all.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/irving-bad-luck-or-no-luck-for-bombers]http://www.cfl.ca/article/irving-bad-lu ... or-bombers[/url]

Always sad to see starting players, especially ones that have a big effect on the game, lost to the league and all fans.

I said 4 games. How many did he actually get in?? I know he missed some already but I'm too lazy to look it up

You are probably pretty close AKT.

He could be in the top 3 for QB’s except for the injuries and that’s what is killing his career.He is the QB version of (and i got all the love in the world for this guy) - Jesse Lumsden.

Did he ever have a problem w/ concussions ; i think i remember that he did - am i right???

Most of the injuries I recall seemed to upper body ones. Shoulder, collar-bone, elbows etc. From trying to play like Matt Dunigan I guess.

he's out the rest of this season, and don't expect him to be re-signed by any team next season.

if teams are unwilling to take a chance on Jesse Lumsden, they won't take a chance on bucky, who has left 10 of 27 games dues to injury.

Buck has called a presser for tomorrow. I'm guessing it's to announce his retirement.

where'd you hear or read this?

Mark Masters Twitter.

You're reading way too much into that tweet. That Masters guy said "QB Buck Pierce will meet with the media tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. CT" and it is likely just the usual media update. There is nothing in the Winnipeg media about there being a press conference nor is there any speculation that Buck is going to retire.

"presser" - "meeting with the media" kinda synonymous don't ya think?

There isn't media speculation in public regarding Buck's retirement. That's why I said I'm guessing.

Maybe the bummers will bring back Bishop. Maybe.

No it's not. A press conference is more formal than a weekly/daily media scrum/update. We went through this in Winnipeg last season after the Banjo Bowl. A lot of hoopla that the Bombers had called a press conference and a lot of speculation that Kelly would be fired and it was all overblown because it turned out to be a run of the mill media scrum.

In all likelihood what will happen is the media will be given an update on Buck's injury and how long he will be out for. Buck has met with the media before to talk about his knee injury. This would appear to be no different. If it is anything more than that I would be shocked.

Kelly should have been fired and Buck should retire. A marginal injury prone CFLer doesn't need a full blown press conference to announce the inevitable. If he suffered another concussion then the responsible thing to do is walk away from a violent sport. Jyles is a better QB anyway.

agree coulda shoulda but the reality is its unlikely Pierce is going to announce his retirement.

What do concussions have to do with anything? There has been absolutely nothing reported that Pierce suffered a concussion on a previous play. This is strictly about his elbow.

If he retires mid-season, wouldn't that mean the BBs don't have to pay him for the rest of the year? If he's injured he gets paid. I would think that distinction should settle the question of retirement.

I'm bringing this subject up after watching Buck Pierce play, or try to play against Saskatchewan. Pierce started the game with speed, polish and skill, but he ended the game with a mild concussion and a sprained elbow." Chris Schultz


He'll likely try to deny the report. If Shultz has it right, and he usually does, Pierce needs to consider his long time future. Of course he needed to that before and didn't so now its up to the league and its teams to do the right thing for Buck since he cannot seem to do it for himself

His new name should be "Broke Pierce".

I really feel for Buck. It's true about his bad luck. The kid is cursed. I wish him well and hope he makes a full recovery.