Buck Pierce Injury Update?

Just read the article from the Sun and have a few questions regarding Buck and The Bombers, what do you all think?

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  1. The guy can be hit by a bus and break every bone in his body and still wat to play the game, is it time for him to hang em up?

  2. I think Buck and Lapo needs to look at this injury realistically (6-7 games please let's get serious) and Buck should be placed on the 9 game so his salary does not count against the sms, what do you guys think?

  3. Depending on Jyles play over the next 9 games (and possibly the playoffs) and if Jyles shows he can be a great starter in the league than why not still have Buck back in a "1B" role with Jyles as the starter, what do you all think?

  4. I think Jyles has the tools and just needs polishing, but i am also going to be realistic and say he struggles at times as most young QB'S do (i could be wrong) and we see more of Brink (who can only benefit from taking more snaps as a #2), plus we can finally see if Brink has what it takes, do we invite Buck, Jyles and Brink back respectively to battle for the #1-2 spot in 2011? I say yes, what do you think?

My thoughts are Jyles and Brink will now have more valuable snaps and this is realistically Jyles time to show he can be a starter and Brinks time to gain valuable reps and with patience we can groom him to be a good 2nd or third string at worst in te next year or two. If Jyles and/or Brink show "flashes" and give us a shot than they should be back next season and have a chance to improve there game even further, we need to develop what we have (Jyles/Brink) and have Buck back in 2011 as well, i know many people say Buck is done and so on .... but if his injury heals properly than why not have him back in some kind of role in 2011, even if his role is diminished at least he still plays and stays involved in the game, realistically i like Buck and his heart, but if he leaves Winnipeg, no other team will take him and his career is over and i think he knows this so settling for a different role won't be so bad for him. If he plays and gets injured often again in 2011 than i think it's time for Buck to consider a coaching role similar to Dickenson, we should at least give him the oppotunity in 2011 and i think the coaches, Lapo, Buck and the doctors have to be realistic when it comes to a 2010 return for Buck, don't rush this injury.

I agree with what you say. Look at the positive, this situation will only make us stronger and better in the long run. Not relying on one QB to play every minute of every game, like some teams do, seems the logical way to go. A player like Buck should be kept around if only to reward him for his determination and desire. It never hurts to surround yourself with good people, and i think he would be a good coach and good influence.

..I think Buck and the Bomber brass will work out something for his return....He won't be shuffled off to retirement just yet....Next year looks more likely for his return and we will have two solid qbs. besides Pierce...I don't see any harm in bringing him back...I hope he does a lot of 'strength' conditioning in the off-season....whether that makes a dif. only time will tell.. :roll:

Freak injuries happen and I would definitely put both the knee and elbow injuries in that category. If he had suffered a concussion during the season then I might wonder whether he should hang them up but no way should he retire because of freak injuries.

He'll come back. He'll get hurt again.

What in his career to this point would lead you to seriously think otherwise?

Pierce won't give up his starting position without a fight!

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