Buck Pierce fan club

The injury plagued dude has his own radio stream. Waiting for a 2013 edition to appear:


This guy has more excuses than president Obama. Just listen to the above stream and decide for yourself.

What does that say about the management of the team if they're giving him cause to believe he's the right fit to go so far as to have his own radio stream?

I'm tempted to email him as "Chris" Pierce with some questions if I could find a website he created for himself.

no thanks

You don't like listening to Buck's closet friends and family call in and give their support? Me neither.

Someone needs support and it's not Buck ! :roll:

No I just don't care for your constant bashing. You hate Buck, you hate Mack, got it, no need to start yet another thread. Maybe you should work on upgrading your website that looks like it was made with a commodore vic 20. I did better work than that with an old apple IIE. Shameful.

.....Buck Pierce still has a chance to redeem himself...Last I looked the east division was all tied up with no team looking like a runaway... We need competent play from Buck and for him to stay healthy (so far so good)...I'll agree he hasn't looked great and seems to be lost...He hasn't completely blown it yet BUT you can be sure that Burke won't hesitate to make a change if things don't turn around on the Bomber offence...I believe Goltz will be given more and more work and will eventually relegate Buck... Till then, there's still lots of time for Pierce and the offence to find themselves...We'll see :roll:

I know he has been rather teflon all of his career, but you guys are really tough on him.
Especially now since there really is no one else to take over and that's the fault of Mack and management.

This has been the worst he has looked as a starter since being here. Maybe his 1 q of play in the pre season wasn't enough ?He will need to show something vs Toronto ! Can't have the turnovers and missed easy throws continue !


You mean one of the highest profile players on a team that needs to sell tickets has a media presence in the form of a stream?



It's on my to-do list!

...but the content however, is second to none in the meantime.

…there’s content and then there’s actual, factual interesting expression, which seems to escape your content, in the meantime… :wink:

Yah, I guess if you never read anything else out there it would seem pretty good. Your own opinions are perfect...as long as you're the only one reading them. As soon as someone else reads em, you're wrong because they have a different opinion.

They need to let Buck be Buck and take their lumps with Goltz/Hall when he gets hurt at this point. Trying to force him into a quick read pocket passer is clearly not working. Neither is this max protect scheme they devised. This Oline is leading the league in sacks allowed and is second to last in yards per carry. They're not run blocking well or pass blocking all that well. Some guys apparently aren't getting open and forcing Buck to sit in the pocket to look for other options which in turn seems to be making him hesitant, hold on to the ball too long, and make indecisive throws (or so it seems to me). Allowing him to use his feet and move the pocket comes with the risk or more injury but really, when he's getting hit this much in this max protect scheme, what's the point. Use him to the best of his abilities as long as you can and get the backup ready to go in. Time to stop playing scared on offense and play some football.

The one fault in the whole QB debacle I have with Mack is that he didn't get a more experienced backup after he dumped Jyles on TO. Obviously Buck has his history, I think Mack felt or was made to believe by Lapo that one of the young guys would be ready to step up sooner rather than later so basically they went with two guys who were at the same spot of their development and it didn't work. For all those who still think Elliott was the future guy, he couldn't beat out Thomas Demarco in BC and all his experience with the bombers has only managed to get him the 3rd spot on the depth chart. If Mack had brought in a somewhat more veteran guy to sit behind Pierce for a year or two and held off on giving the full time job to Brink/Elliott/whoever until this year to be a full time starter instead of asking too much too soon, the blue probably would've been in a better position. I think that may be why we haven't seen more of Goltz yet, because they're trying to avoid past mistakes of throwing a young guy out there before he's really ready to go.

Can you explain that again in dumbed downed terms? I have no idea what you meant.

The Zermelo system needs to be used exclusively in the NCAA and every high school association (including Canadian provinces) to make playoff selections and allow its teams to create their own schedules without restrictions.

…there’s content and then there’s actual, factual interesting expression, which seems to escape your content, in the meantime… :wink:
Can you explain that again in dumbed downed terms? I have no idea what you meant.
So in plain English…Go back over some your comments about Buck and the slights you’ve been handing out and you’ll see why…I see mostly derogatory comments about Pierce and there seems to be little positive or balanced expression regarding same…Seems you’re on a discrediting mission and quite frankly quite monotone…sooooo I hope that clears it up for you … :wink:

Is Chris Evert (Buck Pierce) getting the start again tonight?

I need the Bombers to get a win on my fantasy stats game. Any chance he'll get benched tonight for Max Hall?

We need division 1 talent at the QB spot. We ain't getting that of late.

Down and out again (replaced by Justin Goltz) at the 1:14 mark in the 2nd quarter.

I wouldn't mind seeing you tackled like that in the gut and see if you can manage to get up to post again.

There's 7 other qbs in the league (14 if you count their backups) and for whatever reason this one gets an exemption.

Exemption from what? He's constantly lambasted by many fans and the media for his lack of durability, its an ongoing story and frustration around here. The main reason he starts is because they haven't brought in anyone else to really compete with him and threaten to take his job. Jyles was the last veteran type guy who had a shot, they traded him away and went with nothing but younger backups who are learning and who didn't have great odds of forcing him to the sidelines. This message board and the main CFL discussion forum have many threads and postings taking the bombers, Joe Mack, and Buck Pierce to task for keeping Pierce as the starter and not doing anything about it to fix it. Then there's article after article in the local papers and other fan boards. There's no exemption here. The guy who's gotten an exemption IMO is Drew Tate who has started fewer games than Buck since taking over for Burris and yet there is less talk about his durability.