Buck Pierce Done in B.c.

A friend told me Marty York reported in the Globe and Mail today that Buck Pierce is done in B.C. Apparently Jarious Jackson is now the # 1 QB with Travis Bulay #2 . Looks like Pierce might be released!! Wow! A shocker for sure. Buck played tough but not smart by not sliding when to be tackled during a run. Consequently, concussions were the result of his demise. Best of luck in the future Buck Pierce. :thup:

Marty York is your source? :lol: But honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be true. Didn't they say in the last game that he's had 4 or 5 concussions over the last couple seasons? It sucks that his career could end like this, but his health is more important. And this will be a bit of a blow to B.C. if it happens. I mean, Buck Pierce wasn't playing spectacularly this season, but he was OK, and I think everyone will agree that Jarius is better coming off the bench. Could Wally and Printers make up? :smiley:

Edit: Just checked it out, and the Vancouver Sun has an article about Buck Pierce saying he's recovering well. :?

Sorry but this story has no validity. No way they're releasing Buck Pierce at this point. Not even close. While former Montana State and NFLE standout Travis Lulay shows tremendous potential (much more than he showed last week in Toronto BTW), he's still not quite ready, and Buck is the coaches' favourite out here. They like the way he manages the game (although some fans may disagree with the conservative approach).

The plan is to rest him this week and evaluate the situation after the bye week. Remember it was only "concussion symptoms" - he was not out cold. Dangerous yes, but not dire. He's already feeling better.

Buck's not going anywhere - for the forseeable future anyway.

I don't believe it either, unless Wally has a plan to bring in Casey Printers.

Or unless he's talking to Toronto about Joseph. . .

He needs to retire, to many concussions. The head won't get any better and now even the average hit will concuss pierce.

Buck has been told he cannot play for 10 days, due to concussion symptoms.

Therefore he can't be released by BC, because he is injured.

After he is cleared to play, whether or when he plays is up to Wally.

The truth is Buck is feeling much better and is showing few concussion symptoms. He is eager to get back in there, but the Lions are holding him out this week and the bye week...then re-evaluate him for any lingering side-effects.

The reports of Buck's demise, injuries, retirement or demotion are less than accurate.

True. But two brain-dingers in 5 weeks is not a good thing, no matter how you cut it. Here's why:

  1. It is generally accepted that with each concussion a person sustains, the next one is easier to get.

  2. Buck's second (and most recent) one happened on a more or less normal football play and hit. If that's all it takes to concuss him, that's a huge problem, because contact of that severity happens regularly - I don't think that's a hit that the Lions (or any team) can protect him from.

And if that's the case, it makes the next concussion only a question of when, not if.

Artie-lange is right on with his 2nd point. Buck was hurt on an relatively innocent play, not a hard hit at all.
Look at the number of times Buck has got injured the past 3 years. Would you put all your marbles behind this guy when it is doubtful he can finish a game let alone the season. It is a very valid question and no reflection on Pierce's qualities as a football player or person. Dickenson knows oh too well about trying to keep coming back with concussion symptons. Life is too short Buck. The Leos will survive. Take care buddy!

If Buck was smart he would retire and consider his life after football. 5 concussions in 11 months is insane! This isn't like a re-occuring shoulder or knee injury that will simply result in lack of mobility or pain later in life. This is his head and his brain, which could leave him with migranes, confusion, dizziness, forgetfullness, and early Alzheimer's(it's not unheard of for former football players to having signs of Alzheimer's in their fifties) for the rest of his life. Warren Moon admitted in the book that he just wrote and released that he was diagnosed with only 6 concussions in his entire 22 year career! Buck has almost had that in one year of football.

He's following the footsteps of Dave Dickenson, hopefully things don't get so dire that he trips and gets a concussion like what happened to Mr. Dickenson before he decided to hang em up. Concussions are pretty serious especially when there's a history of them.

I would agree with those who suggest that it is worrysome that both ob Buck's concussions this season have been the result of relatively minor contact and that it has been the contact with the turf on both occasions. His own momentum has bounced his head off the turf. I have said before that he is injury prone, unfortunately for B.C., although Jackson does present a threat whe coming off the bench, I think he lives and dies by the big play and he tends to not be as effective when teams have the opportunity to prepare for hime as a starter.

Jackson lacks the patience to actually run an offence and slowly move his team down the field. He loves the deep ball, has a very good arm for it, and a lot of the time can be successful with it. But in many ways, he is just a glorified(albeit somewhat more successful) Michael Bishop. If he is forced to start for multiple weeks in a row, look for his fairly impressive passing stats this year to go down.

I really feel bad for Buck. He's a good kid with a great head for the game. He just never gets a break Every time he starts to look like the QB he should be, he gets hurt.

He won't be released by the Lions, we have more class than that. Unlike some teams cough.

I was talking to my dad about KJ today though. It's a possibility if Toronto releases him.

Rhymes, I think you just repeated the first sentance of the first post. :stuck_out_tongue:

When Jackson is at his best he has a great running game which opens the pass wide open. Back when he had Joe Smith running the ball Jackson was almost unstoppable. If Mallet continues to run the way he has been then Jarious should be all right (not that I want that however...)

How many Grey Cups did this "almost unstoppable" duo win? The fact is, Jackson is a one dimentional QB and an easy QB to defense as a starter. Watch for Lulay to start after Jackson fails to do the job.

This ^
It wouldn't surprise me to see JJ out job hunting next year and have Buck start mentoring Lulay to replace him down the road.

His latest concussion, to me, is proof that he should seriously consider retiring from football. A perfectly harmless-looking play that shouldn't ever give a healthy player a concussion. If Buck can't take hits like that without getting concussed, he should retire.