Buck Pierce arrested in Surrey!

-Canadian Press - According to a radio report from reporter Marty York, BC Lions Qb. Buck Pierce was arrested in south Surrey by the U.S. truck crossing border. Pierce apparently was with the Lions 3rd String qb Jarius Jackson and both had rifles claiming their coaches had them on gopher patrol. A Canadian border patrol guard who wished to remain unnamed, said he overheard Pierce speculating that a gopher named gainer had snuck into the U.S. in North Dakota and was trying to sneak back into Canada at the truck crossing in B.C. Apparently, Lions owner Brawley had ex-Rider kicker Paul McCallum dressed as a female gopher on the Trans-Canada Hwy just outside Golden B.C. hoping to attract Gainer to stop then drown him in the Kicking Horse River! Pierce became agitated when the border guards tried to remove the rifle and began to cry while Jackson instead began singing ,"We Shall Overcome!" Patrol guards straight-jacketed Pierce thinking he was about to have a meltdown. Head Coach Wally Buono came to release Pierce providing bail (1 case of Canadian whiskey for each guard) and took the upset Pierce back to the Surrey practise facility. It appears the Lions and their management are terribly frightened of Gainer the Gopher and the effect he may have on the fans at the Western final!!!!

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Where are the Esks, Stamps, Bombers, Ti-Cats now??

... more to come on Tuesday - stay tuned!!!!!!

That's funny, I heard Bucky likes to hunt turkeys in his spare time but not just hunt them but torture them to death. Better watch out there tbend. :lol:

Turkey, you forgot to mention that Buck had copies of the Gopher recipe book that I couriered to Red&White!

MMMMMMMMM. Gopher good. Nothing better than feeding a gopher to a LION.

This is funny, Rider fans talking about Lions players getting arrested. Doesn't the Riders media guide use Mug Shots for alot of their players


Turkey writes:

"Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Where are the Esks, Stamps, Bombers, Ti-Cats now??"

Well the answer to that one is: the same place the Riders will be on Monday.

Especially a hungry lion who loves to hunt!

Maybe better to drown him in the Fraser river. The Kicking Horse river is only 800 km from Vancouver by Golden!

so you mean to tell me that the Esks, Stamps, Bombers, and Ti-Cats all have births to the Grey cup game already just like the Riders will on Monday.