Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson?

I believe strongly that they should release both of these QB's. I watched PIERCE and Jackson play all year long and notice many things about these 2 guys.

Pierce might be the slowest Qb's at reading defenses, if his first read is not there, he will look to run and get panicky. I dont think Pierce is even close to a PRO level QB- He is injury prone and cant throw more than 40 yards also--

Jackson- He is a career backup, he has no TOUCh at all, and is just a deep ball thrower. He is a good 3rd option at QB--

Printers vs CGY throw 2 nice passes deep to Arcenauz and then Paris Jackson while he was getting hit- I found that those 2 passes were absolutely amazing-- Printers made 2 passes in teh first about 5 throws that both PIERCE and JACKSON have never made in about 500 pass attempts--
THis shows me right there how bad both Pierce and Jackson are, when Printers makes 2 throws that both Piece and Jackson have never made in thier careers--

i think they should part way with these 2 guys and keep Printers and Lulay and also turf Champion, he had his shot vs Edmonton and looked really bad-

Both will be gone. Doesn't matter if they're released or traded. JJ has some potential but is at best inconsistant. BP is great when he's not hurt but he's another DD. Next year you'll likely see CP as starter, TL as #2 and ZC as #3.

I seconded that! :thup:

If we can get a solid O line to protect the QB's, it will be fun to watch CP and TL pick their D apart like a lion eating a gazelle

the beast must feast

Yep, CP as starter, Lulay second, but.. I think we should keep JJ for third.. not Zac, but me and my dad were thinking maybe grab Joseph from Toronto?

Not too sure about that last suggestion. I don't think Printers and Joseph could coexist on the same sideline any better than did Bishop and Joseph.

Why so? do they not like each other? But for sure I say, CP, JJ and TL we keep.

both are HISTORY.

Agreed. I liked Pierce but he`s just too buttery.

Jackson is too inconsistent and a poor mans Casey Printers. Plus Wally really likes Lulay and Champion, yes theyll improve.

Keep Printers, JJ and Lulay