buck peirce VS dave dickenson

Hey Wally can we please leave Dave Dickenson out for like one game its time for buck to show us his skills and we dont want wut happened to casey printers to happen to Buck Peirce :slight_smile:

I think this should be bucks team, get rid of dickenson next year and bring in buck.

I truly believe DD is still our starting QB and Buck Pierce has been awesome for us. Pierce has been good as a starter but have found he had been better coming off the bench. He gets to see the other teams D's tendencies and pick them apart.

At least BP has been a true pro in accepting his role on this team unlike like a certain QB last season.

Yup, and there is good chemistry between the two. Pierce understands his role, and he knows in a few years, this team will be his.

I still think Dave is the better QB but Buck is coming into his own. I think Dave should sit this game out because the other teams (Montreal) are out to put Dave for the season.

I'm not even sure if Dickenson will dress. I 've heard rumblings on the radio that he is still foggy from the concussion. I heard Its Pierce, Jackson, and some new guy who'll be dressed as the third string.

Dickenson is an overrated QB, and always has been. He is a good quarterback, nothing more. Dickenson does not deserve the level of worship heaped upon him by the hacks in the local and national sports media and the Vancouver sports enthusiasts who merely regurgitate what they hear on talk radio.

Many tout his accuracy and ability to read a defence. Well, his great numbers are a result of him throwing 10-20 yard passes dump passes, and in many instances his receivers taking the ball for significant gains. He is unable to throw a deep pass due to his marginal arm strength.

Finally, he cannot be relied upon by his team, nor the fans, because he is always getting injured, and then reinjured. I applaud him for his toughness, but he is very brittle, and always has been. Now he can't be trusted to objectively evaluate himself with respect to being able to effectively play through pain and injury. His presence and performance in the Saskatchewan game are evidence of this. This goes beyond an athelete being super competitive. Dickenson is afraid because he knows his job is in jeopardy (at least it should be) so he is trying to gut out performances.

He annoys me...

I was upset that Dave was not in the game. Every other game Dave has played he has gotten hurt. I was assuming he would want to get hurt in this game too. It's time to let him go - or let Edmonton sign him - they like feeble quarterbacks :roll: ks . . .

While I have a great deal of respect for DD, he is brittle, and the Rider debacle should never have happened. DD lied to the coaches, trainers, doctors, and his own teammates. He knew he shouldn't be out there, but he went anyway, and when he finally did allow himself to get pulled, there wasn't time any more for Buck to get the job done(though he still almost managed to pull it off!).

IMO, DD has shown selfishness and lack of team spirit by what he pulled in Regina. We should have won that game easily, not lost it on a single blown coaching call.

I have to agree with you hwgill. He knew he was foggy-headed and he still played. Whatever his reasons for doing so, he didn't help the team in that game at all. He should have called it a game at half-time and let Buck get the job done.

But, Buono is still responsible for leaving DD in for most of the game, therefore Buono made two mistakes against Saskatchewan, leaving DD in so long and the OT miscue.

It sounds like you guys might get your wish. They just announced on CBC that the Lions may lock up Pierce to a long term contract. A smart move by the Lions!

Buck Pierce is awesome END of story..... 8)

Agreed, and I will be ecstatic on the day that Buck officially signs a long term contract. I'd love for him to stay on the coast for his CFL career.

The more I watch Buck play, the more I see him being our future whether it is next season or 2. He pretty much could be our starter this season but as long as DD is healthy enough to play, Buono will chose DD as the starter.

Guess that all good things must come to an end. I have always had the utmost of respect for DD and watching his scissor-like precision in game management has entertained us time after time, but I think the time has come to move on.
Buck is awesome and has obviously learned a lot under DD's tuteledge, and that is not to take anything away from his own obvious talents.
I am sure that DD could be well placed as an assistant coach somewhere, maybe even BC.

Buck is our future. A long term contract would be great.

Buck is not only a strong player, but puts the team first, I think Buck and JJ should be around for a while.

Buck long term would be awesome, although I still think a Buck and Dave tandem would work really well in coming seasons, but only if Buono used the two of them like the Esks used Ray and Maas.

Don't be afraid Wally... it's okay to pull Dave in the first half if he isn't getting the job done.

DD as a coach is a great idea, IMO.

Tonight, at the WRSS Titans practice, DAve, Kelly, Aaron, Korey, and Rob Murphy were out helping to coach the kids. Kelly spent his time with my son's midget team's O-line, Korey was with the JB's, but Murphy, Dave, and Aaron were all over the field, helping out all the levels. Dave actually looked pretty good out there. Hopefully he's feeling better.

Hw, thats really great that they participate in the community. Similar situation with my Grandson happened a few years ago when Clermont,Legault,Fairbrother, and Payne came out to their practice.

It will ssell more tickets when they become adults!