Buck out 4-6 weeks

......I hope Mr. Jyles is going to shine....we are in definite doo-doo if he doesn't....In Jyles we 'gotta' trust....
Because i have all the confidence in the world ...i'm wondering how Brink is throwing the ball lately :lol:

......as an aside ...how do you think these guys will perform in prime-time on the tube :roll: :lol:

The Bombers are denying that statement from CJOB pops, they are still saying week to week.

Depending on how Jyles does, I suspect we’ll see him back for the home & home with Hamilton.

....is knuckles getting a bum-steer from his sources :lol: ....orrrrrrr are we trying to mitigate the damage :roll:

TSN is now reporting 2-4 weeks. He ain't playing this week or in all likelihood next. That's about all anyone probably knows for sure now....the rest will depend on his recovery.

That's too bad. I really like the way the Bombers played in week one.

Well Jyles better win some games cause worst case Buck comes back in week eight and gets Saskatchewan and Montreal twice in five weeks.


cjob retracted that statement. the media is a big circus around here. people should know that after the last couple years… they will take a story and blow it out of proportion.

2-4? seems abit much too for a sprain. really tho, depends on buck… he seemed like he was in quite good shape and wanted to prove to ppl he can stay healthy or atleast avoid the concusion/shoulder issue. 4 weeks is probably worst case, id suspect like ive said in previous threads… 1 to 2 weeks. 4-6 is over exagerated tho for sure.

while irving and cjob are pretty good, they sometimes just like the free press, sun, like most papers… go with rumors alot and not facts… because well… people are gonna beleive them and tune it and over react and for some reason, when the bombers having a losing record, the media here likes to rip on them.

after week 1, according to our media, we were grey cup contenders, we lose 1 the next week, we are pretenders, stop the parade eventho no parade was planned. it is how it is around here. i personally dont beleive it unless i hear it from someone with the bombers and bombers have only said week to week and that jyles will be starting saturday.

Hey Killer !

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What is even more circus like is that they would issue an official retraction from maybe six weeks to for sure four weeks. LOL! What's the issue here really ?

If all of this happened a year ago, Kelly would simply deny he was hurt, yell at the reporter for reporting that he was, and then two weeks later ask Buck to take a paycut.

Ah, the good old days.....

The Bombers have been very tight-lipped about injuries. Unless the team issues an official statement about the length of time any player will miss, any numbers reported in the media will be speculation.

Joe Mack seems to have succeeded where others have failed when it comes to plugging the leaks coming from people employed by the team.

And that's a good thing.

As soon as I saw "Kelly" I was going to ask that we have a moratorium on mentioning that guy, but then when I read the posting, I had to laugh. . .

.........What part of this don't you understand????It's being handled internally....Next question.......

I said ...what part of this don't you understand...... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Stop desecrating the memory of a great man, you lazy asses. :lol: :lol:

So many rumours, no one except the BB'S know for sure, i can't see it being 4-6 weeks as it's a strain which is less serious than a sprain, i would say 2 weeks max, but that is if they are telling us the whole story!! Is it more serious than the people know? that is the question!! a sprain i can see 4 weeks but not a strain, but i am not a doctor so who knows?

First it was a week thing with buck expected to practice, than week to week with Buck not playing this week, than 4-6 weeks and than 2-4 weeks, seriously the BB'S are doing a great job at keeping injuries and timelines under wraps!!

The Bombers are still saying that Buck is week-to-week. As I said before, anything in the media that says otherwise is purely speculation.

After the Bomber's last 2 games.......

it's looking more an more like it was how Hamilton played in Week 1 not how the Bombers played

Just sayin

its very doubtful that they would’ve brought in 2 qbs if Buck was only thought of as week to week…
regardless, to have a qb run as much as buck has, while exciting, is never a good thing. lets hope that number drops.